Top Ten Best Things About the Problem Solverz

we all know this cartoon is one of the coolest cartoons ever but there's alot of funny things in this cartoon!

The Top Ten

1 Alfe's Jokes

Okay. - GamerBoy

Troll... - Fullwalking2


Troll alert! - Skullkid755

2 Colorful Graphics

The artwork looks like something that came straight from the creator's head on LSD - Ptikobj

I actually really like the art style. It's different and unique and I love the psychedelic look of it. I saw this on T.V. as a kid and it got me into Paper Rad, Yellow Submarine, and Adult Swim. Kids channels need that one show that totally sticks out.


People thinks that a lot of color gives seizures but it looks better then TTG! Teen Titans Go! has boring colors you know! blend graphics, uglier characters colors, I mean, EWW! - atomicboom

3 It Won't Give People Seizures

It does give kids seizures

Pretty sure it's the opposite.

Wrong. The art style is so bad it gives people seizures. The Problem Solverz is a bad show.

When I see my first episode of TPS ( The Problem Solverz ) it was some funny crap! I mean, Alfe is funny by attacking others, stupidity and others! The Problem Solverz never give seizures, TRUST ME!
those who tell that this cartoon give seizures are trolls. - atomicboom

4 Great Episodes

My favorite is Breakfast Wars because That fish with the graduated hat is funny and take kids to cereal land! my favorite is the moment about science... ALFE SCIENCE! - atomicboom

Brace for the troll everyone, brace yourselves for the troll. - KingFab

5 Better Characters

Horace is kinda good, Roba is 2nd funniest, Alfe... BEST!
Tux Dog is the smartest and other problem makers, wow! - atomicboom

6 It's Safe For Adults To Watch

The seizures material in this cartoon doesn't exist, Alfe isn't a crap he's a funny furry monster, its more action than TTG( like Regular show, Adventure Time, We Bare Bears, and any other CN shows), there not ugly, the ladys in TPS were cute, it's a good show to look at and its safer, appropriate for adults to see with their eyes. WATCH that F---'N SHOW! - atomicboom

7 It Isn't A Show From Hell

Satan loves this show. God and Jesus hate that show.


8 Helps Kids To Solving Problems

Yeah because' kids will have to learn to find out who was taking pictures of someone or fix a roller coaster that makes children age as fast as hell. - KingFab

Teachers need to show kids The Problem Solverz so they SUCCEED THE SCHOOL! - atomicboom

At least that was the intention, so...props? - SevenTreeTool

9 They Teach Great Morals

They help then how dangerous is the game hide and seek, they help kids what happens if they eat the cereal, they help them lie about water... GOOD JOB TPS! - atomicboom

10 It Shows You How To Eat Pizza

And who DOESN'T know how to eat pizza? This list is pathetic.

The Contenders

11 Outstanding Graphics

Seriously? Who Made This List? The Show Is Basically A Talking Poop Monster, A Cyborg Fishman & The Ugliest Human Being In The Cartoon History Solving Problems On A LSD Colors World

Best graphics I've ever seen bad.

12 Its Animation Is So Cute
13 This Show is the Embodiment On How Humanity Should Act & Think to Achieve a "Greater" Goal
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