Top 10 Best Things About Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire

If you know me well, you know that I LOVE the Quest for Glory series. It's my favourite video game series of all time! The second one in particular is my favourite video game of all time! And here are the main reasons this is my favourite video game of all time.

The Top Ten

1 Fixed almost all problems with the original

The original was amazing, but it did have some annoying flaws, there were some annoyng glitches and sometimes it felt like fighting happened too often, that's no the case with the second one, it foxed those problmens! And while of course this one has some flaws too, there's less of them. - darthvadern

2 It gets more interesting as it goes on

The first one, while interesting, wasn't nearly as intersting as this one, this one though, has a deeper story, more side quests and a creepier tone. When you're halfway through the game it's gets super exciting! - darthvadern

3 Ad Avis

Ad Avis, he is not only my favourite Quest For Glory character, but also the best video game character of all time. His character is much more evil than any other villian in the game, and unlike Baba Yaga is the first one, he shows no mercy towards his enemies. Although he might seem like a cliché take over the world villian, he is really intelligent and brutal and his fight at the end is awesomne! - darthvadern

4 Great soundtrack

This or the first one has some of the greatest soundtracks ever made! - darthvadern

5 The characters have development

One flaw the first one suffered from was that most characters were under-developed, Only Shameen, Shema and the merchant Abdulla had a backstory, the rest suffered from lacking one, in this game though, almost all characters have a backstory. - darthvadern

6 It's linear in a good way

It might be the most linear of the franchise, but they managed to make in linear in a GOOD WAY! That's something incredibly rare for a game! - darthvadern

7 The addition of two more character classes

In the first one you could only be a fighter, magic user and a thief, but in this one you can unlock a new class, if you are a fighter you can beacome a Paladin, and a magic user can beacome a wizard, it's just awesomne they included this! - darthvadern

8 The ending
9 Fun side quests

Either this or the fourth one has some of the best side quests (and there's many of them too). - darthvadern

10 The enemies are cool

Althoug hhte first one has better enemies, this had some cool ones too, we have Jackalmen, Scorpions, Ghouls and Terrorsaurus (and a generic brigand). - darthvadern

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