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1 She's loyal

Where are the haters and why are u saying this on number one JUST ANSWE4 THE QUESTION FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Anyways yes she is loyal because she is In fact the element of loyalty! - Firegirl110

Dear everyone,

Recently I logged on as a guest and made some truly horrific threats and many other things to Rainbow Dash haters, even saying I murdered my cat for her (I did not.)
If you stumble upon this, I'm sorry. My friend dared me to write some mean comments on here as a guest about RD haters and I (immaturely) did. I am incredibly sorry. No one deserves death threats like the ones I made.
However, I would like to keep my identity private, because I am truly ashamed and want my profile on thetoptens not to be defined by this truly out of character incident. If, however, someone does ask, I will answer truthfully. Thank you all, I'm truly sorry for this and hope to be forgiven.

These dumbass haters need to leave this list! If you hate Rainbow Dash, then go say that on a worst list! Let the Rainbow Dash fans be!

Why else she would earn her element?

2 She's entertaining

Her, Applejack, and Rarity are so much more entertaining than Twilight.

I love everything about her.

Man, the Rainbow Dash Haters just won't stop invading lists!

Rainbow dash is way too cool

3 She's a great flyer

Land before time sequels

She's the only pony capable of a Sonic Rainboom!

So what? Doesn't mean I am going to like her.

4 She got her friends their cutie marks

They wouldn't be who they are today without Dashie. - clivenator

Yes, it was her. But don't you dare dish on my Fluttershy.

Fluttershy is NOT stupid!

Remember that episode in season one where the cutie mark crusaders are trying to figure out how each of the mane six earned their cutie marks? fluttershy said that she wouldn't have gotten hers if it weren't for rainbow dash. and remember that rainbow that made the ponies learn what makes them so special to get their cutie marks? well, that was rainbow dash's rainbow that whole time.

5 She's funny

She's funnier than Buttercup - HunterBrony101

I love her for being a jerk. She's hilarious.

She does have funny moments.

She is not funny at all.

6 She's a good friend

Always loyal and dedicated.

7 Her relationship with Scootaloo

Cutest part of the show is when they hug

8 She defends others

Its true even though shes mean sometimes it still doesn't mean she can defand others the way she defended fluttershy when she was a filly when these guus were bukkying fluttershy and then did her sonic rainboom

9 She's powerful

She could probably beat most ponies on the show. - clivenator

10 She is great looking

She isn't as cute as Pinkie and Fluttershy but she's still very cute. - RoseWeasley

Yeah! I love her design, although I hate rainbow dash, but spitfire, Princess Luna, rarity, Twilight, DJ pon 3 and others have way better designs!

She is SO KAWAI!

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11 She's a hero

She sometimes saves the wonderbolt, like saving Soarin'

She's saved her friends several times.

Without Dash, Rarity would've been dead in "Sonic Rainboom"

12 She's adorable

When she hugs Tank she is!

She is not cute at all.

13 She's an awesome singer

Rainbow Dash can sing. All as I can say is that Ashley ball is the perfect role to have. She was a singer from "Hey Ocean" - kmyeakel

Her singing made sunset shimmer angry!

Ashleigh Ball is a great singer and an awesome voice actress!

More like a terrible singer with songs worse than Justin Bieber songs, I rather listen to those for the rest of my life than to hear her songs, Justin Bieber songs still suck though.

14 She's badass

She is awesome your just jellly

Don't mess with Dashie!

No she isn't at all, more like weak. Wonder Woman is though.


15 She has great episodes

HEr episodes are among the most memorable. - clivenator

Her episodes often show off her embarrassing egotistical side. I'm an RD fan, and even I kinda hate how she's portrays in her episodes.

16 She has a good voice

Listen to I'll Fly. THe song.

Her voice actress is so talented.

Ashleigh Ball has a much better voice to listen than that annoying Tara Strong.

PPft. Awesome voice fool! Her voice actor was a singer!

17 She's selfless

At the end, she did REALIZE that she made a mistake! Watch the end of the episode again in case you forgot.


She is the total opposite.

What the hell? are you serious she would sacrifice a friend for a book! - Shadowstrikelogic

18 Her jerkiness is funny and harmless

Well she bullies Fluttershy for being bad at sports. THAT IS NOT FUNNY! IT'S JUST MEAN-SPIRITED!


I'm not an idiot. She called Twilight an egghead, bullied Fluttershy for not being good at sports, and nearly traded a book for her friends. - Ultron123

19 She's the only reason Equestria isn't a wasteland.

Kay, that's a little out there.

That sonic rainboom saved equestria. Pay attention idiots.

No! Twilight is,if Twilight didn't make friends with the mane 5 or use the elements of harmony,the night and Nightmare Moon will last forever. -ApplejackFan

20 She's hot

She does have an awesome mane.

She is not ugly, in fact Twilight Sparkle is ugly! - TheMuslimMemer


21 She was going to be the main character
22 She's got tons of friends

They don’t hate her and she doesn’t hate them ugh these haters again GO AWAY! - Firegirl110

No. Her "friends" hate her. And she hates them.

23 She's a tomboy

Which makes her awesome.

24 She's better than buttercup

No it's the other way around actually.-Tomboyish 107

25 She has rainbow hair

It looks the BEST!

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