Top Ten Best Things About Ronnie James Dio

Dio is one of a kind, the god of metal and now we see the reasons why he is

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1 His amazing, one of a kind, powerful voice His amazing, one of a kind, powerful voice

There is no voice like Dio! Period! His amazing vocal range the emotion he puts in his voice and even the tone... The way he sings! - BlindGuardianValhalla

Dio would be proud of this list - christangrant

I couldn't agree more - he's one of a kind. R.I.P. Dio.
Great list. - Metal_Treasure

2 He was a lyrical genius

He was a poet! His songs were full of fantasy but with deeper meanings... He wrote some of the best songs in history - BlindGuardianValhalla

Absolutely - a true poet. He didn't write just some lyrics, he wrote pure poetry. - Metal_Treasure

3 He participate in some of the most historic metal bands

Black Sabbath
Heaven & Hell

Black sabbath... Rainbow... Dio... And more... - BlindGuardianValhalla

4 The horns

Dio's signal move was devil horns, the most common thing in metal community, it was him who really brought it to the mainstream - BlindGuardianValhalla

5 The influence

He was one of the most influential artist in metal - BlindGuardianValhalla

6 He did so many music styles

He started with blues (yes he did! ) at the mid 60s with several bands, he did blues rock with Elf, hard rock with Rainbow, heavy metal with Black Sabbath and Dio, and he is considered also the father of Power metal - BlindGuardianValhalla

Dio started singing metal in Rainbow in the 70s and not in Black Sabbath (which was in the 80s). In Rainbow he didn't sing only hard rock - he sang mostly metal and gave us awesome metal classics like Stargazer, Kill The King, A Light in The Black, Gates Of Babylon... - Metal_Treasure

7 His kindness

Dio was one of the nicest guys in rock and metal and everybody knew it! He was kind to his fans, his bandmates and everything he worked with. - BlindGuardianValhalla

8 The theatrics

He was a threatical performer, he wanted to give life to what he sung... Always - BlindGuardianValhalla

9 He didn't do drugs

At the time of his glory, most rock stars were doing drugs and acted like junkies but... He was a god he didn't need anything! - BlindGuardianValhalla

10 Short with a huge voice

Dio was a really short guy but his voice and his music proved that he was really huge - BlindGuardianValhalla

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1. His amazing, one of a kind, powerful voice
2. He was a lyrical genius
3. He did so many music styles
1. The influence
2. His amazing, one of a kind, powerful voice
3. He participate in some of the most historic metal bands


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