Top Ten Best Things About Rosalina and Daisy


The Top Ten

1 They're Both Strong

Someone who likes Daisy and Rosalina! This list is awesome!

2 They Both Help Each Other
3 They Are Both Sexy

They are really pretty. - PrincessKiana

Yeah, too many people pay attention to peach.

I wouldn't say sexy - ParkerFang

4 They Help To Defeat Bowser
5 They're Not Annoying
6 Blue And Orange Rock
7 They Don't Rely On Someone Else To Save Them

This is true, they are both independent, beautiful, abd strong girls. - PrincessKiana

Unlike Peach - yunafreya648

8 They're Kind
9 They're Good Drivers
10 They're Powerful

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11 They have backstories
12 Both have stupid haters
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