Top Ten Best Things About Rosalina and Daisy

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They're Both Strong

Yay! Rosalina and Daisy fan! At least there are a few fans of both like me.

Someone who likes Daisy and Rosalina! This list is awesome!

They Both Help Each Other
They Are Both Sexy

I wouldn't say sexy - ParkerFang

Yeah, too many people pay attention to peach.

Right, like you commenting like a list that isn't about her you hypocrite. - Qryzx

They Help To Defeat Bowser
They're Not Annoying
They Don't Rely On Someone Else To Save Them

Daisy relied on Mario in Super Mario Land, and Rosalina never even got captured.
Meh, we take those. - Qryzx

Unlike Peach - yunafreya648

Blue And Orange Rock
They're Kind
They're Good Drivers
They're Powerful

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Both have stupid haters

I agree. - Qryzx

They have backstories
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