Best Things About the Rough Guys Clique

" These are the guys doing stupid things for entertainment, listen to heavy music, watch Quentin Tarantino movies, love hot food, say offensive jokes, and don't take insults too well. I am one of these guys, really. these guys are your typical somewhat southern guys with dads who like 80 hard rock and drink a little too much beer, or have a big sibling with a giant collection of death metal from when they were a teen (wether they listen too it or no). they recognize every popular 70s-90s rock song and have heard it a 100+ times, literally. they put bbq sauce on everything, except when they have good ole texas pete. and are big fans of classic soda brands. they are elitists of dumb ideas, etc. VERY nice group"
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1 They Can Take Jokes

Yep, me and my friends like to joke about the most dirty and innapropriate stuff. And we don't even get offended or care who is around us. I am not one of those sensitive girls that take everything seriously, which is why I have guy friends.

2 They Watch Good Movies
3 They Listen To Good Music

Yep, I have a friend who listens to Nirvana and Metallica.

4 They Are Respectful But Like Fun

Exactly, they don't cause drama, which is why they are fun to hang out with. I hate drama and fights in groups.

5 They Are Funny

True, we like to joke about things in pop culture like Santa Claus is a pedophile.

6 They Are Brave

That is true, we are not afraid to do scary tricks in the blacktop that are scary to most people.

7 They Are Reliable
8 They Are Likely To Have Been Through Valuable Experiences

Most of the guys I know like this have had some important experiences (death of someone, moving from state to state, disorders)

9 They Are Tougher Than Most
10 They They Enjoy Anime

Yeah, we all love anime, which is why we call each other weebs and not get offended by it.

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11 They Will Become Bad Parents
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