Best Things About Samoyeds

The samoyed is one of my favorite dog breeds. Keep in mind that not everything on the list is something a person may like about a dog (some people don't like long fur, large sized dogs, etc.). This is just about what samoyeds are liked for in general.

The Top Ten

1 Friendly Disposition

Samoyeds are one of the friendliest dogs breeds out there, and it is rare for one to be aggressive. - Samoy

2 Gets Along Well With Others

They get along greatly with children, other dogs, other animals, and even strangers. They can get along with just about anyone. - Samoy

3 Good Family Pet

If you want a family friendly dog, choose a samoyed. They'll get along with each member of the family, - Samoy

4 They're Social
5 Their Smile

They're very cute. Like your profile pic.

A samoyed's most significant feature is how their mouth and jaw form into a smiling appearance. They have even been nicknamed "smileys" because of this feature. - Samoy

6 They're Fluffy

Samoyeds are a great breed if you don't mind how big and fluffy they are. - Samoy

Aw man I love their ears! Could scratch it all day

7 Big Breed
8 Fun To Play With

Samoyeds are playful dogs that require a lot of exercise, so they're always fun to play with. - Samoy

9 Pure White Coat

If taken care of properly, samoyeds can have a beautiful, bright, and healthy white coat. - Samoy

10 They're hypoallergenic

The Contenders

11 Tolerates Cold Weather

Because of their thick, furry coats, they can easily handle cold environments. - Samoy

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