Top Ten Best Things About Santa Claus

For all haters here is a list made by a beliver to make you think twice

The Top Ten

1 He's Magical

Santa Isn't Real, you're parents were just lying to you. I saw this funny video where some pastor goes around telling children at the mall that santa wasn't real and I laughed really hard.

You better shut up, you better go cry, you better shut up cause I'm telling you why, Santa Claus is not real after all

Magic is not real

Yeah magic isn't real but Santa isn't real either. (Sorry to little kids)
He was based on Saint Nicholas a historic Christian saint and Greek Bishop of Myra from the 4th century who gave gifts to the poor.

2 He Gives You Presents

No, your parents give you present

3 He Can Fly V 1 Comment
4 He Is Jolly
5 He Is Nice
6 He Is Religious

Since I'm religious this is the only real reason but these reasons only prove you like him not that he's real - simpsondude

7 He Is Colorful V 1 Comment
8 His Suit
9 He's Fat

Fat people are adorable - MeaganSaysHI

10 His Powers

The Contenders

11 He Gives You Coal When You're Bad

Coal is useful in a lot of ways. It could be useful for a fire or cooking food. So if Santa brings you coal he's still giving you a gift. So that means if you're bad you still get a gift.

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