Top 10 Best Things About Saudi Arabia

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1 Masjid al-Haram (Sacred Mosque) Masjid al-Haram (Sacred Mosque)

This place is a hell-hole. Everything is 9th Century Islamic. Women are not even allowed to drive a car! Now, if you are a man and want to have a little fun on the side this is the place for it. Find a woman and do whatever with her and it is just fine here. However, if you want a place to live, this is not it.

In a few years women driving will be legal. Trust me. I did research. - TeamRocket747

It's too bad that the Saudi's have been demolishing the historic areas of Mecca in recent years. with that said, I can understand why this has been happening. The rapid increase in pilgrims to Mecca has unfortunately forced a massive rebuilding of the city, as historically, it wasn't designed to accommodate a million+ visitors annually. At the same time, I also wish that they could have found a way to preserve the city's historic sites.

It's not just the best in Saudi, it is the best place in the world. If you go there, you will see a lot of Muslims from different parts of the world uniting as one. Your nationality doesn't matter. What matter's most is you being a believer.

I have tp agree on this one. - nitwit

2 Riyadh Riyadh

I agree, it's the main city where things happen. (Jeddah too) - ouxicon

3 Oil Oil
4 Shopping Malls Shopping Malls
5 Foods Foods

i love it

6 Being the Birthplace of Islam Being the Birthplace of Islam

This is the worst thing about Saudi Arabia. - BrideiMacBella

Islam is best from christanity and other saudi arabia is best.

7 Deserts Deserts
8 Its Entertainment World Its Entertainment World
9 Its Art World Its Art World
10 Jeddah Jeddah

Radon, I mean supermassive galaxy is large, and Jeddah has the tallest flagpole, lighthouse, and soon tallest building

Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 galaxies portrayed by real life
Jeddah as Supermassive galaxy - TeamRocket747

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11 The People
12 Its Music Scene Its Music Scene
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