Top Ten Best Things About September

September sometimes gets a bad rap, which I feel is undeserved. In fact, I think it's my favourite month of the year.

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1 The Weather

This past winter brought a new dawn to my way of reacting to weather changes. I have come to love and anticipate each season since I find refreshment from each major climate-related change. I love Autumn for the cooler breezes, the refreshing scents of nature, the colour changes, the seasonal activities, etc...

We are used to cooler weather in the Midwest United States. The temperatures are used in the 80s or 90s In the Summer in Omaha. I'm always like "I can't wait till fall". And now it's here! We are now going to have weather in the 60s and 70s! Time to celebrate cooler weather.

It's still warm enough to enjoy without freezing, but not unbearably hot and humid, and there's a delightful crispness in the air. September is the only month in which you can enjoy both summer and fall.

This September, the appalling heat of August went away very suddenly. I couldn't be more grateful for that.

2 Fall Colours

The leaves start to turn yellow, orange, and red, but they stay on the trees. You can enjoy the colours without having to rake them up!

In Australia September is the beginning of Spring.

3 School

I love school. It's definitely a privilege, especially to go to a school like the one I am. Not only do I feel super motivated and ready to get straight A's, but I get new friends and new goals. It just feels great to be so motivated.

In Indianapolis where I live, most school districts there start in early to mid-August. But one of them start in late July!

Reconnecting with old friends and making new ones is exciting. Plus, you'll be learning a bunch of new information.

New useless information. Well, just the math. But anyway, even if I don't like school, we need it. So children, don't drop out once you can.

Yes... Totally agree. I have exams in september and I top in the class. And guess... Today is 5 september time for my 4th exam!

4 Sports

In baseball, it's the final month of the season, and teams are jockeying for playoff positions. Football gets underway, and hockey is about to do the same.

And tell those Blue Jays to start using their hockey sticks please 😉

Hockey doesn't come back until October, but it being only one month away is better than it being five months away.

I love the start of the football season. But school sucks!

5 Sleeping

Cooler evenings agree with me considerably when it comes to getting a good nights sleep. No more sweaty mornings.

Temperatures are lower and nighttime is longer, so sleeping is easier.

Thank goodness, because sleeping is sort of like a hobby of mine.

6 Shopping

Most stores have all kinds of discounts and sales on. Plus, Halloween stuff hits the shelves. My favourite record store currently has a 2-for-1 deal going.

Yeah, it's the Halloween stuff that gets me excited, all right. I love Halloween.

7 New Phone Models

I got a new Android in September

8 New Album and Movie Releases

All the best summer movies start making their way onto the shelves. I stopped asking for movies for Christmas ages ago since I can never help myself from buying them.

I tend to check for new releases around July, but really it can be any time of year. Mind you, Armin's sixth album is in October, and I'm looking forward to that.

A lot of musicians and authors choose to release their new works in September. You might find the soundtrack and plot of the rest of your year.

9 You Can Sing "Wake Me Up When September Ends"

I was waiting for this. I'm not disappointed.

September sucks but the song is good

Then peoceed to fall asleep for the rest of the month.

10 Weekends

Summer is great, but the novelty of staying in bed until noon wears off when you can do it every day. Nobody expects you to do anything on weekends, except homework. Oh, wait...

Better in the summer

The Contenders

11 Hiking

I love hiking at this time of year. The air is cool, the mosquitos are mostly gone, and since animals are preparing for winter and have less ground cover, you tend to spot more wildlife.

12 Structure

Everyone's getting back to routines and schedules because of work, school, and other activities. I personally try to keep my mind occupied with some structure, so I love this "settling in" period.

Since university starts in October in my country, I'm spending this September planning ahead. Too bad I currently have more of a structure than the college does.

With all the students making a mess of their practicals, Billy, that might slowly be happening.

13 Beautiful Scenery
14 Sweaters
15 Freddie Mercury’s Birthday
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