Enter The fall

htoutlaws2012 Autumn is one of the most cringy at times and yet exciting time of the year. I mean if your someone around my age you probably are all ecstatic for a few things below (my initial thoughts)

1. Changing of the guard, meaning something feels different and you love it or you don't whatever example it's never the same old
2. Welcome back American Football (NCAA, NFL etc.)
3. The Holidays (Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving)
4. School (in which I can see both sides of the argument for liking or not)
5. The Weather is very adequate
6. More users start doing post series on a regular basics
7. Enter New gen Users
And many others

I. Have you ever wondered how much it would be if all the experts on thetoptens never existed like myself and it was all newbies well let's just say it would be significantly divergent. I mean just image how not just me but users like Therandom, puga, bobbythebrony, metal_treasure, PositronWildhawk, & Britgirl and plenty other old gen users had suddenly vanished it just makes you wonder with question mark theories.

II. Alright look those who do blog posts 90% seem to not care about the sport posts as much as the other topics I totally understand, but come on! Of course my favorite sport of them all is american football and if you haven't found that out yet you must be under a rock or very new to the site to have known by now. Anyway if your like me you are watching the likes of NCAA, NFL, Later on you get NBA & NHL to start up mid way through the NFL season and there you go it's sport city too much to talk about welcome back baby.

III. I mean raise your mouse cursors up high if you love Fall Holidays? yeah exactly what I thought. It be a little inaccurate to place Labor day as a fall holiday cause it doesn't totally count it's more so for the adults have a 3 day weekend after busting some hard earn money after a full year of there job doing so and so. Halloween seems to be a long time favorite who doesn't love free candy as a kid strangely though I see teenagers at over the age limit still do trick or treating. now call me a nut job, but isn't it that a little odd to see that like say a 16 year old 5'8 comes up to you would you still give them candy? I assume you would to not make a scene, but I have yet to find a crazy Halloween story may'be you can share some later next month. And of course who doesn't wanna be filled with Turkey on Thursday. Okay most people just hang out either there own home or at another's for me it's just sticking usually home it's very rarely anywhere outside of it.

IV. Why did I even bother doing this? well in the past i'll admit my younger days I was a rebel punk of my own giving less about anything related to school, but of course I still graduated with flying colors. as for the rest of the other users on the other hand I'm sure you'll be just fine and stay motivated don't be like me. Anyways what did that have anything to do with what is said? That yes sure I loathed school, but at the same time high school will probably be the time of the party for you it's like the ultimate freedom if doing things correctly you could smooth sail just fine as long as your not around the wrong misfits who will drop out and have big regrets about it.

V. It seems like if it's not fall or spring the temperatures are usually very average which most people don't mind (unless your from a different country) no complaints really, I love this type of whether, not too hot not too cold just right. I don't know about you but I'm glad too escape this 100 degree weather that will end sooner than later.

VI. I'm not sure what it is but I find that many users like to do many posts rather it's just single or mainly a series around this time and it gets competitive and I like that why you ask? I like a challenge don't you?

VII. The newest gen (17), not much too say other than there are a few users I already like and some I just cringe a little or very much. As far as it going against the last generation it is hard to tell from here still too early. What I can say is just hope it will be better and that somebody will breakthrough from the pack and rise to the top.

Maybe this may have changed your mind about fall or it just didn't and whatever you read it well done here's your prize sticking around this far to the end and beyond!


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