Top Ten Best Things About the Show Supernatural

Supernatural is a fun show about brothers Dean and Sam Winchester fighting "supernatural" stuff to keep normies like you and me safe. This list is more about actual things rather than the characters, so try to keep it to things like you already see on the list rather than, Bobby, Sam, and/or Dean.
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The eye candy

There are more hot guys in Supernatural than you can shake a stick at. My personal favorite is Misha Collins as Castiel, because as much as I love the show, I don't really dig Sam or Dean, as crazy as that sounds. They're super attractive, but just not my type.

The car "Baby"

That 1967 Chevy Impala is arguable the hottest thing about this show. in my humble opinion. I feel like it matches Deans personality best, of course, but the car may be hotter than the driver, in this instance. Mmm, sexy.

Seeing urban legends/legends come to life

My particular favorite was the weeping woman, La Llorona.

That there's so many seasons

There's enough seasons to have a marathon, then start over again in a few months, because there are so many, it's like watching them again!

The show's take on Angels

I definitely love how they view angel! Instead of just people with actual wings (probably because of the money and the amount of work it would take), they managed to make the angels more powerful and intimidating than angels in movies or other shows. They take vessels because their true form burns eyes out, their true voice shatters windows, they have a lot of powers and are among the strongest and most ancient beings on the show. (Seriously, Castiel was there when the first fish heaved itself out of the water, and that was millions and millions of years ago, he watched the Neanderthals and the Homo Sapiens,... He and all the angels are ancient, perhaps even billions of years old.)
I love how they view all kinds of creatures, like demons and ghosts and all, but I still like the idea of the angels the most.

I found their take on angels to be creative and daring. They really threw convention to the winds, and that's sometimes a risky thing to do.

The fight scenes

It's no Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but they do alright for a budgeted T.V. series.

The cast

I feel that they casted this show about as well as they could. So much so, I wonder if people in this show will be able to shed that image and move on to other things when the series ends. I hope so, but they are quintessentially their characters.

The special effects

Again, really not too bad for a T.V. series. I don't think much of it is TOO campy.

The character development

You watch the transformation of all of them throughout the seasons, and I think it's helped the show to not stagnate.

The meta humor

"The Monster at the End of this Book," "The French Mistake," "Fan Fiction," and "Don't Call me Shurley" are some of Supernatural's best episodes, and that's because of the show's great writing and self-awareness. The constant ridicule of its own premise makes for hilarious circumstances, and displays why, when it comes to humor, Supernatural is the funniest non-comedy show there is.

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The execution of the idea

I don't know that this show is anything anyone hasn't ever tried before, they've just done it right, and that shows in the 9 and counting seasons.

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