Top Ten Best Things About Sic Ill

SIC ILL is an iconic rapper. He's probably the first and only nerdcore rapper you'll like (the genre is scarce for talent) His best stuff seems to be remixing Sonic The Hedgehog background music with raps and bad singing.

Upon going to his youtube page you'll notice youtube reaction videos, way too many. He has other video game raps too, Street Fighter, Castlevania, Chrono Nigger...what! Yes, that's the title. Also peep out his visual albums, he gives Beyonce a run for her money. In all seriousness SIC ILL's actual fluctuating flow and autistic organization skills makes for some interesting music, I'm a I'm surprised he isn't on T.V. somewhere, I'd binge on Netflix watching this mad man at work.

Below are the top ten reasons to love the **Rap God** SIC ILL

The Top Ten

1 He looks like Trey Songs, but raps like Eminem

Hottest rapper under 30 in my opinion. - MelissaJohnson

2 Funny Accent

He sounds like Napoleon Dynamite from the hood. - MelissaJohnson

3 He's not ripping off someones style

Well they say the best flowers come from manure. - MelissaJohnson

4 Doesn't force his raps

You definitely can tell their some stream of conscious stuff going on. - MelissaJohnson

5 One hit wonder

He has a couple lukewarm misses, but he's never going to top Labyrinth Zone Act 1 - MelissaJohnson

6 He sounds like a girl when he raps

His high pitched, nasally voice somehow hooks my attention every time. - MelissaJohnson

7 Underrated

While Pewdiepie can have 30 million subscribers, SIC ILL only manages 3000, yet gets thousands of views, tough break. - MelissaJohnson

8 He would win awards if he was mainstream

He doesn't use autotune and he does at least have a drop of talent. That sounds about right to win something. - MelissaJohnson

9 He's not a troll

Although his music subject matter is weak and idiotic, he doesn't go out his way to be weirdo. I give him that. - MelissaJohnson

10 He killed the trap fad

All the kids in the hood traded in their guns for laptops after they heard the garbage SIC ILL was putting out and getting recognition for it. - MelissaJohnson

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