Top Ten Best Things About Sleepaway Camp

Hello TheTopTens, this is my 251st list (I didn't notice I was already up to 250 so I just decided to make this one special, thanks to Music-is-life)! Sleepaway camp is my favorite place in the world, as it's seven weeks of organized fun away from your parents and with your friends. I'm going back there on Saturday (June 27) which is why I'm temporarily leaving the site. Enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 No Parents

As great as being with your parents is, don't you always just want to have a sanctuary where even if you do wrong, your parents will never know and won't punish you for doing so? Even if you don't do wrong, you probably still just want to have some space. Sleepaway camp provides the space from your parents that we all need. - Songsta41

I love to be alone. - EpicJake

2 Being with Friends

24/7/7 with your best buddies. What's better? - Songsta41

3 Camp Love

Camp is where lots of kids (myself included) have their first love. So much better because you don't have to sneak around to hide from your parents. - Songsta41

4 Sports

In camp this year I played on a leagues team my team made it to the championship but we lost - Ihateschool

Camp gives you a reason to keep getting up and stay active. - Songsta41

Man, I love sports, especially basketball - EpicJake

5 Loss of Weight

Just like I said above. In camp, you never gain weight no matter what you do because of all the sports - Songsta41

6 Camp Outs

I've honestly never been camping, but camping out sure looks fun! - EpicJake

Every so often within the camp we have campouts where we go on hikes, tell ghost stories, and make smores. Just like real camping! - Songsta41

7 Warm Weather

What's better than fun in the sun? - Songsta41

8 Making New Friends

I didn't include it higher because it's along the same lines of being with friends, but I couldn't just leave it off the list. - Songsta41

9 Color War

Five days of all out competition and spirit. - Songsta41

I was a general in camp this year it was a blast - Ihateschool

10 Off Campus Trips

It's always good to spend time with friends off campus, sometimes in destinations I've never been to before, like cities in Canada, Niagra Falls, and California! - Songsta41

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