Top 10 Best Things About Sonic Forces

The Top Ten

1 Modern Sonic Modern Sonic

He is too darn funny in this game.

2 Green Hill Zone Green Hill Zone
3 Classic Sonic Classic Sonic
4 Creating Your Own Characters

Right. As if Deviantart Sonic OPs weren't already canon. You can even wear a Sanic shirt. That's when a jokes gets taken way, WAY too far.

5 The Sonic Generations Feel
6 The Plot
7 The Design
8 Infinite Infinite

My only problems with him was how he was handled near the climax of the story and how his final boss fight is a rehash of Metal Sonic's boss fight. Other than that, Infinite is a really intriguing character. I know he's gotten flak for being "too edgy" and feeling like an "OC Mary Sue", but while his defeat was underwhelming, all of his intimidating appearances in the game beforehand were, as I can describe in one word, badass. It also helps that the digital comics based on the game fleshes out his backstory and motivations a lot. Not to mention that unlike in the game, we actually get to see his FACE in the comics for real. So it really breaks my heart that he wasn't given much of a climactic and epic final battle against him. Here's to hoping more DLC comes out for Forces so we can see more of him. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I just realized something: Infinite is basically Darkrai.

9 Shadow as a Playable Character
10 It's on Ps4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

The Contenders

11 Supporting Me - Sonic Forces
12 Chemical Plant Zone Chemical Plant Zone
13 The Original Stages
14 Death Egg Robot

I'm not talking about the death egg robots that attack the city, I'm talking about the final boss death egg robot. - TopTenX

15 The soundtrack
16 Episode Shadow

Pretty much the same thing as the item "Shadow as a playable character", but one thing that really stands out in this DLC is how most people are touting it as more difficult than even the main game. Also, the "Supporting Me" remix is the icing on the cake. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

17 Tails Losing It

He pretty much imagined Classic Sonic.

18 Omega appears
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