Best Things About the Soviet Union

Soviet Union was truly an amazing republic, in its short history, it made a huge impact on the entire human race.

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1 Its Size

It was by far the largest country of that time, it was also almost the size of Mercury and was way larger than Pluto, It was never successfully invaded, if the Nazis would have successfully invaded it, then the Axis would have won the war. - yatharthb

Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, you name it... - DieGedankenSindFrei

People sadlt associate the Svoiet Union with evil because they were the United State's enemies from the Cold War up to the collapse of the Soviets. But its sheer size is enough to show that they were a global power back then. In my opinion, being able to conrol so much land for 75 years (although much of it is part of icy Siberia) has to take lots of unity. - Turkeyasylum

Its size is pretty incredible. - Alpha101

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2 Its Military

They were the biggest contributors to the fall of the Nazis. Without them, the Axis could have grown stronger. But thankfully, that didn't happen. - Turkeyasylum

And the Americans like to think their military is the strongest. Oh, how ignorant they are.

Held the Nazis off in the Battle of Stalingrad, which was no easy feat. - Alpha101

3 Its Cities

Beautiful cities like Moscow, Perm, Vladivostok ware better to live in than the modern day suburbs - yatharthb

4 Its Space Agency

If the Soviet would not have modified Nazi ballistic missiles and turned them into Space shuttles, then nothing like satellites would have existed meaning no Mobile Phones, Weather forecast and our knowledge about the cosmos would have been very limited. - yatharthb

Its space program, while not as advanced as the U.S. 's, is still very impressive. - Alpha101

5 Its People
6 Its Nuclear Warhead Stockpile

Such awesome and peaceful things, those nukes!

7 Its Economy
8 Socialism

Free healthcare and secondary education (as long as you got good grades) as well as inexpensive food and clothes. Thank you for putting Socialism instead of Communism as it wasn't the latter, by the way. - DieGedankenSindFrei

9 Its Diversity
10 They Helped Defeat Hitler

And the Americans think they were the only ones to help.

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11 Purges


12 Its Government
13 The Anthem

Just go listen to it and you will know. I stand against the Soviet Union and the terrible things they did, but damn if they don't have a powerful song.

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