Top 10 Best Things About Splatoon

God it has been a while. Sorry it's been so long since I've done a list. Heck I had to cancel something I was planning to do for my favorite gaming series. So lets talk about Splatoon. Being a new IP, Nintendo killed it. I'm here to talk about it. Think of it as a review, but it isn't. Anyways, get ink, buy a weapon, and go insane online.

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1 The Online Mode

Do I have to explain. I go online everyday now. My new schedule, smash bros, food, the essentials, SPLATOON, sleep. Leveling up, getting a better rank, buying new stuff. This is easily my 3rd favorite game of the year so far. That's for another list at the end of the year. - nintenfan

2 The Single Player Campaign

I love this story, it is the best story in a shooter. Now for flame wars ( I cast flame shield). As of this writing, I'm finding the Sunken Scrolls. But the final boss, I won't spoil it but I'll explain it in a future list thoiugh. - nintenfan


3 Customization

So much things to buy. There are shoes, weapons, clothes, hats, and SHUT UP AND TAKE MY COINS FROM ONLINE. Man this is an amazing way to expand a game. - nintenfan

I wish you could make Faces different. Not just eye colour.

4 Squid Jump

I love squid jumps! 11

Comments: What, he's joking right.
Me: I'm serious
A minigame made the list. While waiting for online I was either on my phone or on Squid Jump. Most of the time, IT WAS SQUID JUMP. - nintenfan

5 Free Content

What is better than buying content to make the game better. Getting it for free that's what. New weapons like the n'zap 85. Or new stages like the Bluefin Depot. Thanks Nintendo, you rock. - nintenfan

FREE CONTENT! I love splatoon because you don't have to buy anything with real money!

6 Its Unique Way of Winning Turf Wars

In most shooters the way to win online is well shooting things to death. Here you claim more land by shooting the ground with your color ink. You can kill your enemies, but it doesn't count to your score.Amazing, just plain amazing. - nintenfan

7 Inkopolis

Where do I begin, well it looks beautiful. Not only that but Callie and Marie are there. Inkopolis connects everything you do. The single player, online, shopping, and even more. Man Nintendo you are killing it. - nintenfan

8 Possibilities to Get Wii U Sales

Smash 4 got Nintendo fans the Wii U. But what about people who are fans of shooters.This will get fans of games like Halo, Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, and more. This allows Nintendo to get more sales,along with the fact that there losing this generation of the console wars. - nintenfan

9 Its Use of the Map

The map is really useful. It tells you where your enemies are. It tells you where your allies are. It allows you to use your abilities like the super jump or the inkstrike if you have it. - nintenfan

10 The Best Tutorial In Existence

It doesn't make you buy stuff straight away like other crappy iOS games cough cough Clash of Clans cough cough

It tells you what to do, but in a good way. Most games holds your hand through out the story. Looking at you Fi, still like you though. It really gives you an amazing experience. - nintenfan

The Contenders

11 Callie and Marie

Did anyone know they are Agents 1 and 2?

They're so adorable - ShyGuySwag

Best people ever

Just remember.…


I get them to wave at me!

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12 It's original

This should be #1.

There's too many army war games where the goal is "kill everything in sight" - mattstat716

13 The Way the Weapons Are Balanced

Yes. Though, a lot to take in. Their are so many. Then you've got the abilities and subs... Ah...

14 Calamari Inkantation
15 Booyah Base V 1 Comment
16 Octarians

I think they are pretty cute. I love drawing them, and making my own Splatoon comics. I really love this game! It's so addicting!

The sad thing is that they are underrated.

17 It Can be Addicting to Some People

I put this here because this is an opinion, and some people might respect it.

18 Octo Valley

I didn't know something similar to this was on the list. That's why I put it. Plus, it has a great story.

I already beat every level in it, but it was pretty fun! Fighting an octopus army, dinging hidden scrolls, and saving catfish with power in them called Zapfish is pretty fun.

19 Kicking Butt
20 It is a kid-friendly shooter

So true

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1. The Online Mode
2. The Single Player Campaign
3. Customization



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