Top Ten Things About Spongebob That Are Not True

The Top Ten Things About Spongebob That Are Not True

The Show Should Be Cancelled

The only episode I think was worth watching was when the character SpongeBob proved himself worthy by getting his job as a fry cook and made friends with his neighbors but the rest is just teaching kids how to make irresponsible juvenile diliquents of themselves and making incredibly stupid decisions like the episode "A Life in the Day", where the moral is to live everyday to the fullest but in this case, SpongeBob a slightly-minded gay sea sponge living in a fruit, and his best friend an absent-minded starfish living, and speaking like possibly the dumbest caveman in history accept for the episode that reveals the truth when caveman invented fire, I feel this show should be banned for life and it's a waste of money and time of our public access to television I don't care if kids like it parents who let them watch it or what's more sad parents who actually like it you're letting you and your kids' brains turn to the dark and dull side. Do yourself a favor and vote by banning that ...more

Spongebob has gotten really bad lately. It's not funny anymore it's just stupid and annoying. They don't need to cancel it completely, but at least stop making new episodes.

It deserves to last longer then 20 seasons.

That's your opinion. You don't like it well there's thins thing, yeah its called a remote. You can switch the channel.

Sandy and Spongebob Are In Love With Each Other

Their kids would look like aliens and that scene in Truth or Square turned out to be pretend.

It is unbelievable to think that some people actually believe that.

I see why people think this, but SpongeBob obviously doesn't want to settle down yet

No, SpongeBob and Patrick Are IN Love With Each Other.

Spongebob Is Gay

It's not true. SpongeBob is asexual. He only acts like a girl because of his tendency to fool around.

I saw this and thought this was utter rubbish. SpongeBob isn't gay and even if he was, it doesn't matter because SpongeBob isn't about anyones sexuality; it is about a guy and his friends doing their normal lifestyle- which just happenes to be an amazing one. Can people just couvade on being entertained?

Everyone was saying this at school and I'm just sitting down peacefully think "NO HIS NOT SpongeBob IS AWESOME! " - munkee_linc97

This was like, the BIGGEST rumor about Spongebob ever... - Celestius

The 1st Season Was the Only Good One

Actually I find season 3 and 4 to be the best. Season 1 was kinda boring, but season 2 wasn't bad

False. The 1st season was my favorite, but the 2nd & 3rd seasons were good too. The 1st season gave an under the sea feel with some comedy. But 2nd and 3rd season were more comedic than the others. Here is a simple review. 1st: gave me a I was under the sea feel. 2nd:home to my favorite episode (jellyfish hunter) but good. 3rd: quality slipped a tiny tiny bit but not that noticeable. Those are my thoughts on the situation.

Seasons 1-4 were all great! However, Patrick is the best character. Honestly, if he wasn't on the show, how many people do you think would still watch it?

It did have good episodes but so does Seasons 2 and onward

The Newer Episodes Are Terrible

This is partly true, they still have creativity like Sand Castles In The Sand, Great Episode. But things like A Pal For Gary and One Coarse Meal Shouldn't have made it past the story board. I mean come on... SUICIDE ISN'T FUNNY! - bdcool3

Jeez. You're right, not you did NOT need to go all-caps mode at the end. Makes you seem like a crybaby. - Jasmine21064

With the exception of season 8, none of the seasons were bad in my opinion. One of the most underrated ones is choir boys, and it is among the best in the whole series. Some episodes seamed bad at first, but when I watched them again, I realized that they were great.

Some are extremely bad, but the newer seasons always have golden episodes. People just watch one episode and judge the whole season based on that.

There dumb and unfunny. The old ones make me laugh every time. The new ones make me vomit at the sight of spit and gross dramatic close ups, plus SpongeBob being annoying as hell. Then patrick being who he is now makes me wanna cry.

Some Other Nick Shows Are Better Then It

NO SHOW IS BETTER THAN SpongeBob! I've heard a lot of Invader Zim fans saying that SpongeBob is stupid! THEY'RE ALL LIARS! - ravenann

It's not always, new sponge bobs are bad. Invader Zim is better than new sponge bobs.

The channel is destroying itself with these new shows with people who can't act to save a life. Remember "Marvin Marvin", "Zoey 101", "Victorious", or "iCarly? " You couldn't even begin to compare those shows to SpongeBob SquarePants, the one good thing that Nickelodeon ever did. - jamin00

Apart from Shaun The Sheep, there isn't a SINGLE show currently on Nick that's better than SpongeBob. I've heard a lot of people say Loud House is better than SpongeBob JUST because of seasons 4-9A of SpongeBob. They're ALL liars! - TheAwesomeBowser

Spongebob and Loud House are the best shows right now in my opinion.

The New Episodes Are Funny

The old episodes were creative and funny. SpongeBob wasn't smart in the old ones but he wasn't as dumb as he is now. The new episodes SpongeBob isn't smart at all and the humor is as creative.

Some episodes can be funny, but in general, there's more gross humor and less clever writing. It's more written for kids now instead of for kids, teens, adults, and everyone in between.

Opinions can't be true, opinions can't be false. This list is terrible and represents the horribleness of the SpongeBob fanbase. - TeamRocket747

Probably the best/most accurate comment on this list. I agree; this list is horrid. - Jasmine21064

No comedy, but still the best currently airing on Nick, showing just how bad it is right now. - Goatworlds

Plankton Is Evil

Remember One Coarse Meal? Who was evil in that? - Garythesnail

Also, what Plankton did in the first movie was triple the evil of anything Krabs has done. He framed Krabs for a death penalized crime (Murder) and sent a dude to kill Spongebob and Patrick (Double Murder). He also enslaved an entire town (Crime Against Humanity). People mention the post-movie and say Plankton is misunderstood, but given the opportunity to kill Krabs or Spongebob he would take it 110%. Its just Krabs and Spongebob are so good at defending the formula now that Plankton has kinda given up. Plankton is definitely a better character, but for being evil. He's the villain of the story. That's literally his purpose. - Gods-Judgement

I don't think that Plankton is evil, just greedy and possibly misunderstood. He is not that evil if he even is evil.

Is taking over Bikini Bottom and enslaving the population not evil?

To me, he's evil in the pre-movie episodes and he just always overlooks something important. Nowadays, he's a whiny idiot who doesn't even understand what evil means.

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie Isn't Any Good

I hate the second one! I was forced to go because everyone in my family likes it except me, and my parents don't care whether I want to go or not. It was the most boring thing ever, with a plot that has been overused to death. So, yeah, someone steals the secret formula, Mr. Krabs gets mad and the apocalypse starts (seriously? Because a recipe for burgers was stolen? ), SpongeBob gets Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and Sandy to help him get it back, they go through a lot of trouble to get it back, they get it back and Bikini Bottom turns to normal, the end. Ever heard that before? Oh, yes! Plenty of times, especially while watching SpongeBob!

Seriously? I thought Sponge Out of Water was great, though not nearly as good as the first. - Jasmine21064

Are you kidding me the SpongeBob movie was so funny and it was the best thing having to do with SpongeBob ever

Honestly, I only watch it for "the drunk on ice cream" scene, and "i'm A GOOFY GOOBER ROCK! " - Discord

I love that movie there gonna make a second one 2015

The Show Is the Worst Show On the Planet

Of course its not, that spot goes to Fanboy and Chum Chum

HECK no. Fanboy and Chum Chum isn't even that bad of a show. There are way, way, WAY worse shows, cartoon or not. - Jasmine21064

The worst show is actually Uncle Grandpa

It may not be THE worst, but it is definitely not THE best.

Just kidding, it is the worst. But don't read this...please. Too many people are going to try to kill me.

I thought that Dora the Explorer was the worst one. Hated it as a little kid, hate it now. (Talking about Dora). - Anonymousxcxc

The Contenders

Season 4 was Terrible

Season 4 was good

It's just really meh. Had some good episodes, but it had some bad episodes, some of which are REALLY bad *cough SquidBob TentaclePants cough *

Season 4 is like second best only to Season 2. Season 3 has the same quality as 4.

Yeah, will people stop saying that? It's just like season 3. - Goatworlds

He's Annoying

Not Even Close to being true!

If he IS annoying, it's in a good way. - Garythesnail

Yeah that's true, but in the modern episodes he's no longer annoying and nice and funny now he's just annoying and not in a good way. No offense, but of you do any comparisons between an episode from season 2 and an episode from season 9 then you can notice a major difference in SpongeBob's character. - Anonymousxcxc

Only if by annoying you mean AWESOME!

Annoying for kids ages 3-12 to laugh their heads off at.

Patrick Is the Best Character On the Show

If he was then he would be the main character.

He's probably one of the worst. Every post movie episode shows him as either incomprehensibly stupid or acting like a total prick to everyone around him, including his so called "best friend".

Then it would be called patrick star -

No he's not patrick is an jerk and a-hole who hates being called tubby

Pearl Is Stupid

Are you serious? Pearl is an absolute BRAT. She is disrespectful to her dad (even though he's the reason why she's such a brat) she still is one of my least favorite characters in the show.

She's an idiot actually. She's also annoying. The Chaperone was a bad episode. How about summon PIkachu and USE THUNDERBOLT AND VOLT TACKLE! - Goatworlds

She is. She really is.

I actually like Pearl's character, although she can be annoying at times (especially in post-movie seasons).

Mr. Krabs Watches Porn

Actually, he does, in some undersea form. In one episode, not sure which, there was a porn reference, and someone, I believe it to be Mr. Krabs, was watching it. However, my memory's pretty hazy. It may have been SpongeBob, but that doesn't make it any less unsettling considering that in the SpongeBob world, he is considered a teenager.

That could only happen in a YouTube poop.

Wait, what? Where did this even come from? - Garythesnail

This is disgusting. - Goatworlds

Classic era Sandy was a scientist

A lot of people use this to describe classic Sandy, but she only liked science in like one episode. She used to be the Texas tomboy.

She literally only mentioned science once before the movie, in the episode where she built a rocket. - Garythesnail

She kind of is - Crizz

Plankton Should Get the Krabby Patty Formula

I kinda agree with that. Maybe they should have an episode to show what would happen if he ever DID get it. Other than that, the show would be TOTALLY ruined. Plankton wouldn't be there, Krusty Krab would close down and SpongeBob has no job

If he did then he would never need to be in another episode.

Well it needs him in it so never will happen

This would be a great way to end the series.

The Characters Aren't Based On the Seven Deadly Sins

One of the writers on the Season 1 DVD commentary said they actually are. Here are each of them with episode examples:

Greed - Mr. Krabs - Born Again Krabs, The Krabby Kronicle, No Hat for Pat, The Krusty Towers, The Jellyfish Hunter
Envy - Plankton - The Algae is Always Greener, Welcome to the Chum Bucket, Plankton!
Sloth - Patrick - Big Pink Loser, The Pink Purloiner, Stanley S. SquarePants
Wrath - Squidward - Just One Bite, Opposite Day, The Idiot Box, Sentimental Sponge, Sweet and Sour Squid
Pride - Sandy - Pressure, Texas, Rodeo Daze
Gluttony - Gary - Have You Seen This Snail? , Fungus Among Us, I Had an Accident
Lust - SpongeBob - Boating School, The Secret Box, A Day Without Tears, No Weenies Allowed, Are You Happy Now?

Some of the examples I put are only in part of the episode. For example, Patrick does nothing in "The Pink Purloiner" for eight hours straight. In the rest of the episode, however, he puts in a lot of effort to make SpongeBob a ...more

It is true. I recently got the season 1 DVD, and they said it in the commentary for "Plankton! "

Huh I don't even know what those are. - Anonymousxcxc

They are.

Plankton Should Commit Suicide

No he shouldn't. - Anonymousxcxc

God that episode was innapropriate

He once tried to get hit by a bus

Yes he should! - ConorDooley

All of post-sequel SpongeBob is good

There's obviously going to be some duds, but not all of them. - IcetailofWishClan

Hey, even the older seasons had some bad episodes.

Dear Vikings and Atlantis SquarePants are among the very worst of Modern SpongeBob

Atlantis SquarePantis is not modern SpongeBob, and Dear Viking is bad, but not terrible. - KalloFox34

I would say the Vikings is the worst but not Atlantis squarepantis

Atlantis SquarePantis is just a normal bad episode.

Squidward's Nose Is a Penis

I highly doubt little kids have stopped and thought about squidwards nose as being a penis, it is just a big nose people are so dirty minded, it's a cartoon for petes sake

But peppa pigs dress is a penis - TheKirbyCreeper999

It does not look like a penis... would his nose have an arrow-like shape on 1 part? - MeaganSaysHI

Don't see any hair on the exterior.

The Great Snail Race is a bad episode
I'm With Stupid is a bad episode
The Battle of Bikini Bottom was a good episode
Squidward Is Not Legendary

Squidward is very legendary!

Sanjay and Craig is Better

No, no, no. Sanjay and Craig is worse. - Anonymousxcxc

Sanjay and Craig is dumb

Dumbest show - Goatworlds

Spongebob Likes Women

Well he might it depends he's not really ready(after all he doesn't have a steady job or a car)

He isn't gay... He's asexual...



Patrick Is Retarded

He is. He's dumber than the rock he lives in. - Goatworlds

It is kinda true. - Connor360

Ye of course that was how they made him

His IQ is less than -30. IQ of below 70 is retarded. - Goatworlds

There aren't good modern episodes
The Show Is Done After Season 10

This seems to be pretty true, Nickelodeon can't think of any more ideas after Season 10. - nelsonerica

Season 10... Probably will be just decent. No other seasons are like that. Season 5 was good, Season 4 was great.

The show was renewed for a season 11 and 12 and the show might end on it's 20th season if I'm correct


Spongebob Is Evil

What you hate the fact that spongebob is evil will he is not so shut up

He's not evil, he's just very annoying. - Anonymousxcxc

No but his boss is sevil

I mean evil not sevil

Band Geeks is a Bad Episode

In my top 10 - Goatworlds

Everyone likes Squidward the most

Squidward is the best though. - Goatworlds

Spongebob Likes Sandy

Who the heck posted he likes Patrick and Squidward? That's way dumber than this! Gosh, some people are stupid :l

Some of the earlier episodes like Ripped Pants and arguably Squirrel Jokes did sort of imply this.

He likes patrick and squidward

SpongeBob does like Sandy! It's true!

The Characters Are Based On the 7 Deadly Sins

Do you really think they would try to do this on a kids show?

Sandy Grew Up in Bikini Bottom

She grew up in Texas!

Come on guys, I don't even like SpongeBob and I know Sandy is from Texas! (Actually she's my favorite character.) - RiverClanRocks

Texas! - Goatworlds

Patrick is Homosexual
SpongeBob Was Originally Made for Adults

Em I the only wand who thinks that modern Spongebob was for adults

Seasons 6-9 Were Good

Of course! Seasons 1 and 5 were good, Seasons 2-4 were great, Season 6 was bad, Season 7 (Around the time One Coarse Meal aired) IS when the show hit rock bottom. Season 8 was the start of its inprovement, but still a bad season, it was still bad in Season 9.

9 is good.. - Garoto_Oceano

There weren't bad episodes in Seasons 4 and 5
Pearl Shouldn't Be In the Series

The only reason she's like this is because of her idiot father, the crab, who got her dead batteries for Christmas and made her a raw meat statue for her sweet sixteen.

The only reason that people don't like her is because she's not in many episodes. And if she wasn't a character then some of the episodes never would've exsited.

Pearl is one of my favorite characters - PatrickStar

Squidward is Pitiful

It seems no matter how many other episodes there are with different plots somehow spongebob and Patrick always find a way to torture Squidward, I know they did this in earlier episodes like The one where squidward tricks them into thinking it's opiate day but it has gotten worse yo the point where squidward might as well kill himself.

In the newer episodes, yes. But in the old episodes, he was truly a great character. Band Geeks, Pizza Delivery, Shanghaid. The new episodes don't count as SpongeBob, so this is not true.

I Grew Up With SpongeBob

I was actually born the year it came out! And the month before it did! - creed99

Some people did. Just because you didn't doesn't make it untrue.

I did, but you didn't. - KalloFox34

SpongeBob is a Tampon

I think this was a meme. It's stupid people think he is..

Squidward Should Commit Suicide

God I hated that episode. And you're wrong he shouldn't commit suicide. - Goatworlds

He should've commit suicide in Are You happy Now.

I'm so sick of the suicide mentions and the negative rep on homosexuality and death comments. Sure I may hate various things, but that doesn't mean I comment the death comments and suicide stuff. - Anonymousxcxc

Squidward is Homosexual

This is parodied in a lot of YouTube poops.

Oh come on squidward is a flaming queen

SpongeBob Is a Kitchen Sponge

He's a sea sponge.

He just looks like one

Face Freeze is a good episode

People who like it are immature 7 year olds. Also the other comment is wrong 10 year olds are awesome.

It's TERRIBLE. Anyone who thinks it's funny has the mind of a 10 year old.

I like it... so I'm a 7 year old...yea your idiots - WinnerTaker

Season 7 Was Awesome

It was HORRIBLE! Especially One Coarse Meal and A Pal for Gary

There are a couple of decent episodes still, though. - IcetailofWishClan

It always was bad. - Goatworlds

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