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21 Squidward Is Not Legendary
22 Spongebob Likes Women

Well he might it depends he's not really ready(after all he doesn't have a steady job or a car)

He isn't gay... He's asexual...


he's gaaay

23 Patrick Is Retarded

He is. He's dumber than the rock he lives in. - Goatworlds

Ye of course that was how they made him

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24 Sanjay and Craig is Better

No, no, no. Sanjay and Craig is worse. - Anonymousxcxc

Dumbest show - Goatworlds

25 Sandy Grew Up in Bikini Bottom

She grew up in Texas!

Come on guys, I don't even like SpongeBob and I know Sandy is from Texas! (Actually she's my favorite character.) - RiverClanRocks

Texas! - Goatworlds

26 The Show Is Done After Season 10

This seems to be pretty true, Nickelodeon can't think of any more ideas after Season 10. - nelsonerica

Season 10... Probably will be just decent. No other seasons are like that. Season 5 was good, Season 4 was great.

The show was renewed for a season 11 and 12 and the show might end on it's 20th season if I'm correct


27 Spongebob Is Evil

What you hate the fact that spongebob is evil will he is not so shut up

He's not evil, he's just very annoying. - Anonymousxcxc

No but his boss is sevil

I mean evil not sevil

28 Everyone likes Squidward the most

Squidward is the best though. - Goatworlds

29 Spongebob Likes Sandy

Who the heck posted he likes Patrick and Squidward? That's way dumber than this! Gosh, some people are stupid :l

Some of the earlier episodes like Ripped Pants and arguably Squirrel Jokes did sort of imply this.

He likes patrick and squidward

Spongebob is obviously gay lool

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30 Seasons 6-9 Were Good

Of course! Seasons 1 and 5 were good, Seasons 2-4 were great, Season 6 was bad, Season 7 (Around the time One Coarse Meal aired) IS when the show hit rock bottom. Season 8 was the start of its inprovement, but still a bad season, it was still bad in Season 9.

9 is good.. - Garoto_Oceano

31 Pearl Shouldn't Be In the Series

The only reason she's like this is because of her idiot father, the crab, who got her dead batteries for Christmas and made her a raw meat statue for her sweet sixteen.

The only reason that people don't like her is because she's not in many episodes. And if she wasn't a character then some of the episodes never would've exsited.

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32 Squidward is Pitiful

It seems no matter how many other episodes there are with different plots somehow spongebob and Patrick always find a way to torture Squidward, I know they did this in earlier episodes like The one where squidward tricks them into thinking it's opiate day but it has gotten worse yo the point where squidward might as well kill himself.

In the newer episodes, yes. But in the old episodes, he was truly a great character. Band Geeks, Pizza Delivery, Shanghaid. The new episodes don't count as SpongeBob, so this is not true.

33 SpongeBob is a Tampon V 1 Comment
34 Squidward Should Commit Suicide

God I hated that episode. And you're wrong he shouldn't commit suicide. - Goatworlds

He should've commit suicide in Are You happy Now.

I'm so sick of the suicide mentions and the negative rep on homosexuality and death comments. Sure I may hate various things, but that doesn't mean I comment the death comments and suicide stuff. - Anonymousxcxc

35 Squidward is Homosexual

This is parodied in a lot of YouTube poops.

Oh come on squidward is a flaming queen

36 SpongeBob Is a Kitchen Sponge V 2 Comments
37 Face Freeze is a good episode

People who like it are immature 7 year olds. Also the other comment is wrong 10 year olds are awesome.

It's TERRIBLE. Anyone who thinks it's funny has the mind of a 10 year old.

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38 Season 7 Was Awesome

It was HORRIBLE! Especially One Coarse Meal and A Pal for Gary

There are a couple of decent episodes still, though. - IcetailofWishClan

It always was bad. - Goatworlds

39 Mr Krabs Is A Good Person

Since when makes no sense at all

He sucks - Goatworlds

40 Patrick is the Smartest Character On the Show

He's easily the dumbest. SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs are also idiots, although Krabs isn't a lovable oaf. He's a selfish, cheap, mean barnacle head. - Goatworlds

No, this is Patrick - Garoto_Oceano

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