Top Ten Things About Spongebob That Are Not True

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61 Patrick is Dumb Because He's Drunk

He'sup all night with vodka, beer, gin, rum, brandy, scotch, wine, whiskey, and other spirits

62 One Coarse Meal Was a Good Episode V 1 Comment
63 Tom Kenny is Dead V 2 Comments
64 SpongeBob Was Originally Made for Adults
65 Season 5 Is Bad

This is anything but true. However, it DID start rotting in this season, around Atlantis SquarePantis.

V 1 Comment
66 Sandy's Last Name Resembles a Butt
67 Pearl Is A Good Character
68 I'm With Stupid Was a Good Episode

It's probably like a Season 8 episode. - Goatworlds

69 Band Geeks is a Bad Episode
70 SpongeBob is Straight

Um, he's not gay... He's asexual if that's what you mean.

71 Season 2 Was Terrible
72 SpongeBob Killed Junior In to Love a Patty

Junior is probably still alive. - Goatworlds

73 Mr. Krabs is Smart

The guy's an idiot! - Goatworlds

74 Season 3 was Terrible

It was part of the golden era, also consisting of Seasons 2 and 4. - Goatworlds

75 The Great Snail race was a good episode
76 The Show Sucks

Not true with the exception of Seasons 6-8 and the first half of Season 9 - Goatworlds

77 Season 9 Wasn't Decent

I think it's starting to get up to par with Season 5. - Goatworlds

78 DoodleBob is still alive
79 Squidward lives in a pineapple
80 The Best Time to Wear a Striped Sweater is Never
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