Top Ten Best Things About Spring

Spring is one if the most popular seasons, and it's because of EASTER! Oh yeah!

The Top Ten

1 Easter

Basically the main thing about Spring. It is the best thing to do during that season!

In the South, Easter is in Autumn. In fact, 21st March starts Autumn, and Summer ends. - keyson

2 The Rain And Green Grass

The rain is so nice and it makes the green grass grow. There are green grass in the Spring and Summer here in New Mexico! It's really nice!

3 The Flowers

Spring is a beautiful season, everything comes to life. - ivylee

It smells like flower.

This is such a beautiful list, TopTenJackson. Beautiful! - Kiteretsunu

4 The Animals Wake Up After Hibernation

On March 20th the bears, skunks, and squirrels wake up and it is really neat!

5 The Trees Start To Grow

In Springs, the cold is gone and the trees are back!

6 Birds Come Back

The leave the south and come back to the city.

7 It's Almost Summer

The school year is ending.

I love hot weather

8 Warmness
9 Wearing Less Clothing

Ahhh saving time from bundling up in bulky coats and puffy pants. Finally getting to show some skin and feel the nice spring breeze against your bare skin.

10 Spring Break

So Yanks why do you hate school when you have that..While other people have half term in easter.

Who doesn't like a nice break from school and work to enjoy some fun in the sun?

I love this

The Contenders

11 Aroma of Grass

Ah don't you just love the smell of fresh cut green grass, especially in the morning?

12 Spring Cleaning

I know, I know cleaning isn't fun. But when you're all done the house is clean and in ship shape.

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