Best Things About Stan Lee

The Top Ten

1 He Created the Marvel Universe

Who has been more important in the popularization of superheroes? His death is a big loss. - ParasN2000

2 He's Inspirational
3 He Had a Big Impact to Comics, Movies, Etc
4 The Way He Wrote the Characters of Marvel
5 He Gave Kids Hope

From the movies and from the characters and books he wrote. RIP Stan Lee.

6 His Cameos

Easily the best thing about the movies. Any moment with this guy is EASILY one of the best moments in ANY Marvel movie.

7 Without Him, Movies and Books Wouldn't Be the Way They are Now

Without him, I might as well be a DC fanboy. - MrCoolC

8 He's a Great Role Model
9 He Helped Others
10 He's Funny
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