Top Ten Best Things About the Steven Universe Episode Jailbreak

Steven universe is my all-time favorite show right now.

The Top Ten

1 Garnet's song Stronger Than You V 4 Comments
2 It's the most action packed episode
3 Malachite Malachite  V 1 Comment
4 At the end of the episode, after Lapis takes her fusion Malachite into the ocean, The Crystal Gems had their jaws dropped, Steven's phone rings.
5 You hear how good Garnet sings

Garnet is voiced Estelle, an amazing singer. Yes! Estelle is very talented! Look her up and listen to her songs!

V 1 Comment
6 At the beginning, when Steven is getting himself out of the field, it was funny how he got out

I could barely explain that. - funnyuser

7 You find out that Garnet is a fusion

That really got me. This is what's been going on the whole fist season and no one knew? What the heck?

Steven says " Garnet you're a fusion!? " - funnyuser

V 1 Comment
8 You meet Ruby and Sapphire
9 The Fan-Made Peridot Rap

I wish it was in the episode though!

V 2 Comments
10 Jasper V 1 Comment
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