Top Ten Things About Stormver101's Cat

In the very loving memory of my cat, Biscuit. This list is dedicated to my cat. He was hit by a car. I miss him.

R.I.S. C Biscuit.

The Top Ten

1 He loved everyone

Biscuit loved everyone, even tried to play with someone who hated him. He loved to do everything with anyone. - Stormver101

2 He was very comforting

Helped me get over the death of my rooster, Einstein. Biscuit was such a comforting cat. - Stormver101

3 He never became too fierce

He would play and get rough, but he always let you get the upper hand. - Stormver101

4 He was very obedient

Never broke any rules. - Stormver101

5 He was a stray

Poor cat. He was two months old when my family got him. He'd been separated very early. - Stormver101

6 He was the best kitten companion

Biscuit loved to play with my kittens, who were born in July 2014. He never ever got too rough. He treated them like he was their father. - Stormver101

7 He loved to explore

He found a snail and started playing with it. Very funny! - Stormver101

8 He came when you called his name

Biscuit always came by name. Never ever didn't come. - Stormver101

9 He was a very nice cat

He let anyone pick him up. He always shared. Biscuit would find a compromise with what the kitten wanted. - Stormver101

10 He defended my goose

Biscuit defended my goose, Duck Duck. My Turkey, Lady, tried to peck Duck Duck. Biscuit had stepped in and defended Duck Duck. - Stormver101

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