Top Ten Best Things About Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2

Super Mario Galaxy is my favorite game of all time, but some people are jerks to others. After seeing all of those negative lists, I decided to make this list. If you have a reason, feel free to put it. And as always, enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 The Gameplay (Both)

These are both very good, although the first is better. - Martinglez

If the gameplay is good, then the game is good. - SmashBall

2 The Gravity Gimmick (Both)
3 Rosalina (Both)

First off, she's helpful. How? Well first off, she picks up Mario, and takes him to his "special one". 2nd, She's pretty. That's self-explanatory. 3rd, After those games, she's appeared in almost every Mario games, even Smash bros. 4th, She has a backstory (In theory) and it's touching. It literally made me cry! - SmashBall

4 The Unique Galaxies (SMG1)
5 The Story (SMG1)

The 2nd game had the same typical story, but the 1st game had a great story. The Mushroom Kingdom was having the Star Festival, and then Bowser invades the festival with a UFO. A UFO! - SmashBall

6 The Music (Both)

Fun Fact: These games are the reasons why I want to become a Musician. I can make a whole list of the great music. Gusty Garden, Purple Comets, Good Egg, Space Junk, Fleet Glide, Sky Station. and the Credits. - SmashBall

7 It's #2 on the "Greatest Mario Games of All Time" (SMG1)

#2 for the greatest Mario game is like saying, it's #2 of the greatest game of all time. #1 on the Mario list is Super Mario 64, which totally understandable. #1 and #2 of the games of all time is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. - SmashBall

8 Yoshi (SMG2)

One of the reasons Super Mario Galaxy 2 has praise is, Yoshi. He's not my favorite, but I bet I love of you people love Yoshi, so I decided to put it on the list. - SmashBall

9 Purple Comet Missions

I know everyone hates these, but I actually love those missions. They're pretty fun and exploring around the stage and finding new places is cool. - SmashBall

10 The Final Boss (SMG1)

The boss is pretty cool, but the second game wasn't that exciting. - SmashBall

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