Best Things About "Super Mario Odyssey"

Whew! Sorry, guys for the long absence. I really don't want to explain it, so instead, I bring you with a fresh new list. Enjoy!

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1 The Capture Mechanic

Nintendo's got a new clever idea...CAPPY! I love that guy - Spicygarlic

2 Open Worlds

I just got a Nintendo Switch and this game and the open world concept is really cool - TheInsomniac

Finally - Randomator

3 The Musical, "Jump Up, Super Star!"

Mario games shouldn't have singing. Leave that job to sega.

It gets annoying but it's catchy - ParkerFang

媻Here we go, off the rails,
did you know it's time to raise our sails? ♪ - Spicygarlic

4 Graphics
5 Bosses

These bosses were interesting - Spongehouse

Finally a game without koopalings - Randomator

6 Mario's Nipples

OK this was unexpected and weird - Spongehouse

Yep? - Spicygarlic

I should have known this would be here...

What - TeamRocket747

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7 New Donk City's Close Resemblance New York City

Damn right it is! And the jump rope challenge was good because it shows how good you are compared to others...until that hack came along ;( - Spicygarlic

8 Gameplay
9 The Water Levels are Actually Playable

You can easily find cheep cheeps to possess in these levels and it makes getting around so much easier and the controls are perfect - thunderstar1124

10 The Wedding

The Contenders

11 The 2d Gameplay
12 Costumes
13 The Challenge
14 Luigi's Balloon World

Wish it wasn't DLC :( - TheInsomniac

Out of all minigames in the game, this one is definitely the best. - darthvadern

15 Broodals
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