Top Ten Best Things About Super Smash Bros for 3ds and Wii U


The Top Ten

1 Gamecube Controller Adapter (Wii U)

Okay in Melee and Brawl I used the controller. I'm so used to it and I don't want to use anything else. But I don't now because of it. - Jake09

2 Custom Fighters (Both)

If you hate clones then change it to something else. - Jake09

3 Miis (Both)
4 Custom Stages (Wii U)
5 Events are a Challenge again (Wii U)
6 They have characters for everybody (Both)
7 Mewtwo DLC (Both)

Okay who doesn't like Mewtwo? Well in Spring 2015 he'll be DLC so he'll be in your roster - Jake09

8 Photo Shop (Wii U)
9 Paint (Wii U)
10 Smash Run (3DS)

The Contenders

11 8 Player Smash (Wii U)

This should be top one! I love 8 player smash! It was amazing and a ton of fun! I kick @$$ with Luigi in it! - Danteem

Remember when you went to your friends house and 4 people are playing and you wanted to join. Well no more of that
Because 8 people can play at the same time! - Jake09

I remember 8-player from Mario Party 7. It was generic.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U s one of the best video game universally due to 8-player mode and many other reasons.

12 Shulk (Both)
13 Master Fortress (Wii U)
14 You can use the 3DS as a controller
15 It has online play
16 So many controller options
17 It started the amiibos
18 Each franchise has plenty of representatives

I don't get all the complaints "There are too many Fire Emblem characters! " or "Too many Pokemon! " or "Too much Mario! " or "Too many third-party reps! ", when it's fine the way they are. I would liked to see more Star Fox, but the possibility of another game in the future is still likely.

19 A nice choice of stages

The Sonic Lost World stage was awesome for Sonic.

20 Great choices of items

The use of new and returning items is always good. Like how they added the Master Ball in addition to just a regular Poke Ball.

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