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T-Series is a music channel that broke the record for the most popularly subscribed YouTube channel of all time & the 1st to get over 100 million subscribers.
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It's the Most Subscribed YouTube Channel of All Time

For ~6 years, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, a.k.a. PewDiePie had the most subscribed channel on YouTube, In 2016, he had 50 million subscribers & then after 4 years, it went past 90 million. However once T-Series rose to YouTube fame, they gained popularity & subcount really skyrocketed high. Eventually they dethroned Music & PewDiePie for the most subbed YouTube channel of all time, putting PewDiePie off his spot of most subscribed YouTube channel. It has ~158M subscribers.

Shame that PewDiePie was surpassed by a company that gains views illegally and used to sell pirated songs.

PewDiePie: T-Series won? No (For 10 hours)

You don't say?

It Became the 1st YouTube Channel to Get Over 100 Million Subscribers

After beating PewDiePie as well as Music, T-Series eventually became the 2nd YouTube channel in history to get 100 Million subscribers & over. Which was a historic moment in all of YouTube & shows us how much the internet & media relies on attention nowadays.

For those who don't understand, Music is a channel operated by YouTube.

Actually, Music got 100 million subscribers before T-Series.

It Dethroned PewDiePie for Most Subscribed YouTube Channel

PewdiePie was the #1 most subscribed YouTuber of all time until Music & T-Series dethroned him. He has left the most subscribed spotlight. - SamanthaRosie

Not that amazing really, wow a mass Hollywood channel beat a lone youtuber lets give them a round of applause - germshep24

It Relies on Music

Unlike many YouTube channels, T-Series relies on Bollywood movies & music & contains videos with movies & songs. T-Series also illegally uploads Hollywood movies & music in such a way. - SamanthaRosie

It isn't a music channel it is a bollywood channel, it is pretty much a huge ad for Bollywood movies and music, it plays music videos and trailers for upcoming movies, also illegally uploaded Hollywood movies - germshep24

It Performed a War with PewDiePie

PewDiePie was for ~6 years the #1 most subscribed of all time, but then T-Series came & there was a war on who would get more subscribers & eventually T-Series won. PewDiePie has left the throne & T-Series took it & is wearing the crown.

Did it really perform a war with PewDiePie or did PewDiePie turn the idea of T-series beating him into a meme

It Gains Subscribers Unusually Fast

T-Series is gaining subscribers an an unusually fast rate, MUCH faster than most YouTube channels would get. It seems like it's robotically fast, like a robot would do it. I mean the media must be hooked these days. - SamanthaRosie

Yes big corporation that spit out music and movies for free will get an exponential growth - germshep24

It Lacks True Entertainment

Unlike the good ol' days where YouTube used to entertain the audience with entertaining & original content, it focuses on subpar content with lack of originality & just nothing but boring attention. T-Series became a major example. Their content is boring & focuses on unentertaining music that shouldn't even be called music. I mean music is art & art is entertaining, but their "music" is not. - SamanthaRosie

It's Boring

It's just a boring channel with no good quality or originality. Just a giant hub trying to be ruler of YouTube. - SamanthaRosie

It's an Attention Channel

Not an attention channel. Because T-Series is based on India, and India has over one billion people, pair with that with the internet access rising rapidly on that country, hence why you'll see popularity soaring up.

T-Series seems it came to existence to give everyone else their attention, like they're the ruler of the internet. I mean what happened to society these days.

It Seems Forced

It wasn't trying to force anything other than to gain profit by promoting Bollywood and hype up Bollywood movies and artists

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It used to sell pirated songs

Yet they sued PewDiePie for making a diss track. Hypocrites. - InfinateSuperstorm

Which was quite stupid, considering copyright infringement is illegal. Why didn't they get sued when they could've. Greedy corp. - SamanthaRosie

It's possible that this channel uses subbot but there's no proof
They gain views illegally

JT made a video proving this. Anyone defending T-Series needs to watch the video right now. - InfinateSuperstorm

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