Top 10 Things About Tall Girls That Are Scary

The Top Ten

1 They could beat you up

Tall women and girls are not that strong enough.

I'm just joking I made this list and I'm tall enough to lift all of them at the same time. They aren't able to beat me up cause u would beat them up.

There is a tall girl who's shoulder is at my head she is tall and scary she could be me up with those long arms.

My best friend is tall and she never beats me up

2 They have big feet

Tall women feet are the size of a very, very tall man.

Tall women have bigger hands and bigger feet that is the size of a man. This is why I don't find supermodels attractive.

I know a girl who's foot is bigger than my head I know not to mess with her awkward when our feet touched each other when we sat together cause our seats ate next to each other but yeah it felt weird her giant foot touching mine we act like it was nothing and we didn't know but yeah.

3 They could sneak up on you and lift you

A little embarrassing at first but later it comes in handy you get to take a break from your legs.

4 They try to scare you with their height

Tall women look like a man, especially those skinny supermodels.

A girl tried to scare me with her height she did good I was scared but I stood up for myself and told her to stop annoying me she doesn't annoy me now.

5 They call you little man

This was annoying at first but is now funny they will call me little man I say what's up laugh out loud.

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