Top 10 Best Things About Teen Titans Go!


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1 References

The references in Teen Titans Go are Great! In the Milk Drinking episode. When Robin drank milk like 3 times, he made Mario's Mustache and he summon and? Block. BEST REFERENCE EVER
There also more reference like batman. - bugger

It referenced Caramelldansen - mayamanga


2 Funny

Unless you like poop and fart jokes, its NOT funny.

No it's not.

Actually, the show is cringeworthy

Beast Boy is lovw Beast Boy is life

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3 Raven is the best character in the show

Raven is no fun at all lol, She is a MLP fan, Terra Strong voiced Raven and its awesome! - bugger

4 Silkie is the cutest character

He doesn't get enough screen time - SocialMediaStinks

I like Silkie, Silkie is from the Killer Moth though He has the best reactions.
He was Yellow before but he is pink now. Eso me gusta! - bugger

5 Robin is the best leader

He Used To Be The Best Leader. Now In This Crappy Mockery Of A Show He's Actually The Worst Leader.

Yeah, he really sucks!

6 The episode "40% 40% 20%"

This should be number 1. - themets05

I was trying to say this in my list, but apparently people hate this episode - SocialMediaStinks

All vote this to number 1!

7 They made an episode for a fan from the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Which pissed on said fan's wishes... - alphadan12

You couldn't even get 10 items..

So sweet! That episode made me cry and me little sister said “What is it? ” And I said “Wally T is real! ” She did not believe me!

8 No curse language

Dude, have you even seen Ones and Zeroes or Gorilla? Your list is wack.

9 Every episode is a Robin hate

Ugh rude... -Tomboyish 107

10 The song "All About Rae"

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11 Self deprecating humour
12 It's Interesting

Yeah it is... I'm just kidding! TTG sucks! -Tomboyish 107

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