Top 10 Best Things About Teen Titans Go!


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1 References

The references in Teen Titans Go are Great! In the Milk Drinking episode. When Robin drank milk like 3 times, he made Mario's Mustache and he summon and? Block. BEST REFERENCE EVER
There also more reference like batman. - bugger

It referenced Caramelldansen - mayamanga


2 Funny

Unless you like poop and fart jokes, its NOT funny.

No it's not.

Why is everybody saying this is not funny, It is! Beast Boy is the funniest of all. - bugger

Beast Boy is lovw Beast Boy is life

3 Raven is the best character in the show

Raven is no fun at all lol, She is a MLP fan, Terra Strong voiced Raven and its awesome! - bugger

4 Silkie is the cutest character

He doesn't get enough screen time - SocialMediaStinks

I like Silkie, Silkie is from the Killer Moth though He has the best reactions.
He was Yellow before but he is pink now. Eso me gusta! - bugger

5 Robin is the best leader

He Used To Be The Best Leader. Now In This Crappy Mockery Of A Show He's Actually The Worst Leader.

Yeah, he really sucks!

6 They made an episode for a fan from the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Which pissed on said fan's wishes... - alphadan12

You couldn't even get 10 items..

So sweet! That episode made me cry and me little sister said “What is it? ” And I said “Wally T is real! ” She did not believe me!

7 The episode "40% 40% 20%"

This should be number 1. - themets05

I was trying to say this in my list, but apparently people hate this episode - SocialMediaStinks

All vote this to number 1!

8 No curse language
9 The song "All About Rae"
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