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1 Your companion "steve the guide" can fight

When Steve The Guide sees an enemy, he will kill it with a bow and arrow. The weirdest thing is that he also goes for the neutral enemies as well, such as slime. - BadBoiDrummer

2 Pumpkins have been added to the game

You can use the pumpkins as a basic material but in crafting you can also make Pumpkin Pie. - BadBoiDrummer

3 The single player menu has been changed

Whenever you create a character, it basically puts it in a list form same with the worlds. - BadBoiDrummer

4 There are only two game modes now

The two gamemodes are Normal and Medium. Normal is basically Softcore and Medium is almost hardcore. - BadBoiDrummer

5 There are new items and weapons

I haven't explored to see the new items and weapons yet. - BadBoiDrummer

6 Achievements now work

For me whenever I complete a certain objective it would not give me the achievement. As of 1.3 they now seem to work for me. - BadBoiDrummer

7 There are new mobs in the game

There are New Mobs in the game such as a raven. - BadBoiDrummer

8 Pumpkin pie has a really long duration

Whenever you eat pumpkin pie, the duration will last up to 45 minutes. - BadBoiDrummer

9 You still have to wait for the NPC's to arrive

This is the only downside of the game. - BadBoiDrummer

10 The enemies are easy to kill

Not just the smaller mobs, but bigger mobs such as a zombie. - BadBoiDrummer

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1. Your companion "steve the guide" can fight
2. Pumpkins have been added to the game
3. The single player menu has been changed



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