Response to "Best Things About TheTopTens' Community in 2018"

Oh, Gen 18. Silly Gen 18. All I did was make a list constructively criticising you and giving you advice, and what did you do? You threw a hissyfit and proved my point that you are easily rustled. Why do I even bother? I tried to help you guys and here we are now. One of you even called the list "insulting," so I guess criticism and insults are the same thing. I'd like to know what part of the original list is "insulting".

But this post isn't about that list. One of you made a rather foolish error of trying to debunk my list, so I believe it's only fair that I do the exact same thing to the rebutall list (a rebutall to a list that wasn't offensive in any way shape or form). Only I will debunk this list much more flawlessly than any of you could imagine. This is a rant, not the other attempt at proving my correct list incorrect.

"#1. All the Users make Great Friends"
Cool. I mean, that goes for any gen. Every gen has friends and pals and buddies and mates. Is the groundbreaking realisation that two users can share a mutual friendship supposed to convince me that your gen has a positive impact on the site? Because if so, it failed massively. Next.

"#2. htoutlaws has been making the site a safe environment"

"then why did they go and attack the post then like rapid a$$holes then all of a sudden forgive Selfie?"
Quote from ht himself all I needed. Huge L for you, blatant lie exposed. Next.

"#3. Creative ideas"
Firstly, creative doesn't equal good, as is demonstrated by a series I have been recommended by various Gen18 users. Secondly, creative users, good and bad, exist in every gen and previous gens had more of the former category. Next.

"4. Lots of variety"
It seems that you and I have very different definitions of variety. When I think of variety, I think of multiple lists and posts that appeal to users of all different interests and hobbies, and different users that fit into lots of different categories. I guess when you think of variety, you think of users who can barely be told apart who like and hate the same things as everyone else and bandwagon each other, stat paddy useless lists that change up between music, TV and movies despite there being 12 other categories on the list, and HQ posts that appeal to a limited group of people and are just reviews by the same few people. Next.

"5. Funny users"
Comedy is subjective. Most of the time. Certain things are exceptions and just flat-out unfunny. For example, Gen-18 users trying to make funny lists and posts. The comedic offerings I've viewed from Gen 18 are some of the least funny things I've seen in my 14 and a half years on the planet, especially the series I've been recommended recently. Your gen seems to think random = funny. No, it does not. Combining a pedophilic rapper with the president of the United States for a profile pic is not quirky or interesting or the least bit comedic. It's banal, cringeworthy and most of all, unfunny. Next.

"6. Lots of great users"
Don't know what planet you live on, but on Earth 4 users is not seen as a lot of users. The users I have been recommended as "great users" are quite the opposite and all seem to be the same stereotypical Gen 18 user who gets easily rustled, thinks nice = good, random = funny and has cringey quotes sprinkled all through their profile. It's almost as if there's a lack of variety between users....Next.

"7. It is a very fun site"
I thought this list was about the community fella, not the site? Take your pick. Next.

"8. Great posts"
For once I agree. There are lots of great posts being made. What a shame that none of them are being made by Gen 18 users, which is what this list is trying to promote. Nothing I've seen from Gen 18 compares to Dead Meat, let alone HvV or AV. Oh wait, you don't know what any of those are cause you haven't been exposed to real comedy on this site before. Oh well, keep thinking random = funny. Next.

"9. PositronWildhawk is becoming active again"
Yes, this is a good thing. But him being fully active would be better than him becoming active. And there was a period where he was fully active, moreso than he is now. You know when that was? My time period. My gen. Not yours. Shot yourself in the foot. Next.

"10. BoredJeff02 came back"
So, let's assume this is a positive thing like the list implies. This means Jeff coming back is a good thing for the community. You know what else Jeff did in 2018? He left. Which would be a negative. A positive and a negative. They cancel each other out. Worthless item.

off ya pop love


Jeff left in 2017 - 445956

Jeff left 2 weeks ago. - Puga

Gen 18 isn't as bad as you think in my opinion, but you bring up great points. Selfiefan shouldn't be praised all of a sudden for, to my knowledge, jusr one post he made out of many. IAs a gen18 user, your original list doesn't offend me at all. - visitor

Your opinion doesn't matter - Selfiefan68

It kinda does fella - Puga

Wow. WAS THAT A BAD THING? I'M CONFUSED. BUT THIS WAS a good post not Better than mine but it'll do - Selfiefan68

Wow, you debunked every single item on that list one by one. Good job. The worst item on that list was probably 'Lots of Variety' or 'It's a very fun site' - styLIShT

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Preach it - TwilightKitsune

Amazing post - Martinglez

I'm mostly neutral towards you Puga but I agree with this post. Plus I've always kind of been mediocre and me coming back honestly doesn't effect a entire community that much. - visitor

You have a good point. The 'Lots of Great Users' part depends on the person. Some of the actually good users here are honestly underrated. - IcetailofWishClan

I Am Gen 19. - Aurelia

Congratulations. You have realized some absolutely useless trivia about yourself. - visitor

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