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1 She's nice

She is very sweet! - Garythesnail

I've never met her (she never replied to my messages), but she seems nice and cool. - Catacorn

I don't know britgirl but I heard shes a top tenner if I talk to her my opinion is shes a nice person

She’s beyond nice! - Userguy44

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2 She's funny

Have never chatted to her but judging by her comments she seems really nice and funny - wolphert

I'm surprised I'm the first one who made this list - simpsondude

What if she starts having dark humor?

Yeah, Britgirl has a good sence of humour, one of the first things I noticed about her lists. She has a VERY adult sence of humour at times too! - Barry2013

3 She's friendly

You can be certain that even a ridiculous and offensive personal message to her won't end up in your head being bitten and spitted out...Her kindness and compassion will cleanse your impure soul in reciprocation... - Arhaan95

She is so friendly! She always adds (: in her messages which is great! - micahisthebest

Yea. She's one of my followers - AlphaQ

She's much more friendly than DCfnaf, TwilightKitsune and BlueDiamondFromNowhere! - TheMuslimMemer

4 She makes good lists

One of many reasons why I have a crush on her. She is an amazing list maker. - Britboy

Are You A Hypnotist? (get that Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots reference? ) - CerealGuy

She makes AMAZING lists! I always can't wait to read them because they are just so creative and funny.

She deserves a medal for being nice like Samuineko and stuff like that. - bugger

5 She's sweet

She sure is sweet as candy - RainbowKittenDashAnime

Yes she is indeed! - Garythesnail

Sweetest member I know - letdot52

6 She's smart
7 She is supportive of other toptenners

She's the only one during my 7 months here that has reached out to me. She's super sweet, friendly and funny. She isn't pretentious like a lot of users here. You can tell she's here to have fun not to be self important. - THC13

I concur. - Ned964

That's true. Every time someone makes a list, she is super supportive and she makes nice comments.

8 She inspires people
9 She doesn't "hate" things

A lot of people go on about how pathetic and stupid things are. Britgirl's not like that. Except for when it comes to JB, in which case, I don't blame her. - PositronWildhawk

...Guilty. I think this makes her one of the more, ahem, sophisticated users on here. But according to Wildhawk she apparently hates on JB, so I wouldn't say she's off the hook entirely for this one. - WonkeyDude98

10 She has a good heart

Kindest Heart I've ever met! - Curti2594

Many users have this kind of heart...there's no such thing is golden heart - CerealGuy

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11 She makes lots of lists

I only have twelve lists

Another thing-
If I could vote for everything on this list I would. Britgirl and positron have been really good friends to me on this website. - CityGuru

Forty-one so far. I have twenty-seven. Really good. - PositronWildhawk

She has like double the amount of lists I have, and I have 28. - GrapeJuiceK

I have 59 so far - Jake09

12 She can use a hair dryer
13 She's respectful in her comments
14 She's a good friend
15 She makes good comments

Have read all of he comments on her page. Nearly all of them make me either laugh or smile. She's just really nice.

16 She adds nice comments
17 She's very honest

How can you tell?

18 She always understands
19 She's adventurous
20 She's not an emo

Why does everyone look down on emos? I mean, I'm not emo, but I don't see them as bad. I can actually understand them sometimes. - Alpha101

Emo must be the polar opposite of Britgirl - Martinglez

I like emos I just know britgirl doesn't - simpsondude

21 She's clever
22 She is a great role model

She is. Especially on how to behave on this site. - THC13


23 She stops everyone from bringing Justin Bieber into everything
24 She's imaginative
25 She's very nice to people that she doesn't know

When I first started this site I got a few messages from other users asking about my political, religious and sexual beliefs. I guess they wanted to "label" me.? I went on a pissed off rant about it on my profile page. Without knowing me, Britgirl sent me a kind message showing me how to block messages from people I wasn't following and gave me compliments on my lists. Ever since then we've been friends (well, I consider her a friend at least) and chat every now and then. Also she's the only one that congratulated me on my engagement. Thanks Britgirl! - THC13

Um.. She was rude to one of my lists once

26 She is nice
27 She's humble
28 She has lots of friends
29 She tells about herself


30 She's playful
31 She's not 12 years old

What's so bad about being 12? - AlphaQ

Not all 12-year-olds are bad though. - anonygirl

I doo not see any problems with 12

hey I'm 12

32 She's loyal
33 She's all woman

Yeah. She's got a bunch of girl on her... - Ned964

34 She's resilient
35 She loves Jazz music

It's my favorite genre of music too!

36 She seems posh
37 She is funny
38 She comments a lot

I like top tenders who comment on a lot of things.

39 She's honest
40 She is sexy

What is this world coming to? LMAO - MemeTheKeem

41 She is single

She's with Keyson! - SamuiNeko

Shes with keyson actaully. - FerrariDude64

42 She dates her own mother

what ;-; - FerrariDude64

She doesn't. - RiverClanRocks

Her what? Nah She’s too cool for that jazz.

43 She's British
44 She is Christian

Like, that’s not bad, but it’s offensive to people aren’t including me :(

45 She respects other religions
46 She encourages everyone
47 She is awesome
48 She has a fascination with the word "fart"
49 She is great to chat with
50 She's very smart
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1. She's funny
2. She inspires people
3. She adds nice comments
1. She's adventurous
2. She's clever
3. She's imaginative
1. She has a good heart
2. She's sweet
3. She's friendly

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