Greatest Things About TheTopTens Reaching 100, 000 Members

The Top Ten

1 The Site Can Develop Much Faster

The Stats numbers can grow much faster making TheTopTens More Popular - MatrixGuy

2 The Impressive Numbers can Convince More Visitors to Become Members
3 If TheTopTens Could Reach 1,000,000 Members, It Could Result WorldWide Fame to The Site

Wow! Yourself and PositronWildhawk would become the most famous men in the world! - Britgirl

I'm not saying that TheTopTens isn't known in the world but 1,000,000 members could make a bigger difference - MatrixGuy

The problem is, that many users make more than one account and these accounts don't have a delete option. Many of the accounts are left vacant too. And still many of them are used as spams like NegatronWlidhawk, PhotonWildhawk and so on. Unless accounts are made through using our E-mail accounts, there would no authenticity of these accounts whether they are 100,000 or 100,000,000 of them. So I doubt that only increasing the number of members would help in launching TheTopTens to fame. Yeah, but the number of Facebook likes can surely help in that respect. - Kiteretsunu

4 TheTopTens Members Could Fill a Town With 100,000 Inhabitants

It could be a pretty big town, Imagine members meeting with each other :), that could be really interesting - MatrixGuy

Indeed it would, MatrixGuy. I would wonder who met who first. - PositronWildhawk

5 Bigger Chances to Appearing Members Ready to Make Hundreds of Lists
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