*strolling down the street of the Underworld because I wanted to see the beautiful flames burn outside on this lovely night*

*then all of a sudden a magical unicorn appears in front of me*


*Unicorn stares at me with an unnerving look and slowly starts to approach me in a steady pace*

NO, GO BACK FROM WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!! *I yell as I start backing away*

*Unicorn suddenly starts running towards me with a crazy and deranged look on face*

OH NO!!! *I get trampled over by the Unicorn but I try to fight it off*

*scene cuts out to static and the message "Please Stand By" appears* *after a few minutes, we see that I am bleeding and have been badly beat up by a unicorn*

You, sir *coughs out blood* Deserve to... to be *wheeze* my pet...

*Unicorn spits at my face and then runs into the ever burning flames of the Underworld*

Ge... gemcloben!

*gemcloben, my co-Dark Ruler of the Underworld appears in a cloud of black smoke like the awesome guy he is*

gemcloben: What happened to you?

Me: Forget about me being hurt! I want you to go chase down that Unicorn! It must become my pet! It carries evil behind that adorable fluff!

*gemcloben sighs in defeat and goes after the Unicorn*

*stands up and dusts myself off* Well, while gemcloben is going after that Unicorn, let's get down to business.

Today, April 2nd, is the... what can we call this? One year anniversary, I could say, of gemcloben joining TheTopTens! If you guys didn't know that, then I will come for you tonight and lock you up with my unicorn in a cell (when gemcloben retrieves it). Then you will know true pain! Pain for not knowing such an important thing as this marvelous anniversary!

My co-Dark Ruler has been very, and I mean, very contributing to this site, and I am surprised that he hasn't had a good amount of attention from some users.

Yes, I'm looking at you... whatever your username is... I forget... I forget many things

But forgetting that, we shall now speak more about my wonderful co-Dark Ruler.

If any of you have had the great opportunity to message my dear friend, then you have clearly experienced one of the greatest conversations you will ever have. I am not joking.

Might I add that he is also very hilarious? He is, trust me. I know great humor when I come across it, and this guy just rolls it off in waves! Just yesterday he had me laughing like a hyena with this one emoji that I'm not sure I can show here... Just message him if you want to see the emoji. Just go ahead an do it. Like now. DO IT!!!

Got that done? GOOD! If you haven't, that will be another round with Sparkles the Deadly Unicorn. Yes, I just named my new Unicorn Sparkles. It's a very deadly name for a unicorn.

Continuing, gemcloben has such a great taste in music! And I'm not just saying that because I pretty much love the type of music he listens to... Or am I? But seriously, he does have great taste is music! From him liking bands from Metallica to Megadeth to many many others as well!

He has shared with us a lot of information through his lists, blog posts, and comments. I admire for him for having so many lists, and once again, I'm shocked he isn't as popular as he deserves to be...

And as you just saw, gemcloben would go after a demonic unicorn for me... *starts tearing up* He's such a great friend! *a single tear slowly slides down cheek* He can be a person you can trust in and very... Sorry, I just can't!

*screen goes to static and the message "emotional problems: please stand by" shows up* *after about a half hour, it shows me with red puffy eyes and snot coming out of my nose*

I'm sorry, it's just that speaking about what a great person he is gets me so emotional at times.

Can someone hand me a tissue?

*gemcloben appears out of nowhere in a cloud of black smoke while leading the demonic unicorn by a leash and handing me a tissue with his other hand*

SEE!?!?!? THIS IS WHAT I MEAN!!! *takes away tissue and blows into it. Then feeds it to Sparkles who appears to like snot filled tissues*

gemcloben: Can I leave now? I was having the most intense arm wrestling match with Positron.

Me: Not just yet, I have a surprise for you!

*presses a button that randomly shows up and a whole party erupts*

*millions of balloons starts raining down as food magically appears on tables* *then a stage appears and there playing is gemcloben's favorite band: Metallica*

*whispers to gemcloben* I said if they didn't come I would imprison them with Sparkles.

gemcloben: *stares at awe at the Underworld turning into the best rock party celebration in the world*

*snaps fingers and all of TheTopTenners show up and start partying, celebrating the one year anniversary of gemcloben joining the site*


*joins Sparkles on the dance floor who is eating one of TheTopTenners and I start dancing like there's no tomorrow*

CHAOS!!! (My new goodbye in every blog post)


Yay! This, along wolftails blog, is the nicest post ever written for me! Sparkles... What a demonic name... - gemcloben

Two anniversaries in s many days?! Congratulations, gemcloben. - PetSounds

Haha, very fitting! Here's to another many years! Your blogs are truly, always terrific! - keycha1n

Yeah, we need users like Gemcloben for another or 2 or 3 or many years!
He is a successful contributor even though he doesn't admit it.
Fs13, instead of chaos, you can end the blog post with something like "DOOM! "
Or "DOOM REIGNS! " - Animefan12

Hmmm... Doom? I'll think about it... Thanks for the suggestion, though! :D - visitor

Doom is a good game. - NuMetalManiak

I actually shed a tear while reading this... Yr posts never fail to amaze me! :D - IronSabbathPriest

Aww, thanks! ^-^ It means a lot! - visitor

How did I not see this earlier? Sorry! But anyway, happy one year anniversary gemcloben! - Lina1028

Sparkles! :P - RiverClanRocks