Best Things About TheTopTens User Montypython

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1 She always puts a smile on someone's face!

Yeah she has to be top 20 users - 2storm

Yeah she's great - bobbythebrony

She's an AWESOME TASTIC user! - Garythesnail

2 She's beautiful

I'm glad she doesn't mind that I find her attractive, cause when I saw her picture, she was pretty(I try to be respectful to women). - Therandom

She is probably the prettiest girl in the world, and her personality is even more beautiful. - Garythesnail

3 Very funny
4 She listens when you have problems!
5 She's fun to be around
6 Great taste in music
7 Very nice

This list is flattering me too much... Thank you for this, purpleyoshi98! I really appreciate it! - MontyPython

Yes she is indeed!
What a lovely tribute to her! - Britgirl

8 There's nobody like her

She's great. One of my favorite female users. - Therandom

9 Likes Monty Python

The reason I love them is the reason why some people don't like them: TOO SILLY! - MontyPython

10 She's supportive of everyone

She's one of the best female users! I enjoy talking to her. - cosmo

The Contenders

11 Makes good lists
12 Likes Led Zeppelin

Robert Plant is the best. :3 - MontyPython

13 Likes Queen

Freddie Mercury, guys! He's a legend! - MontyPython

14 She's an active, multi-dimensional, thoughtful, interesting contributor
15 She's sweet
16 Is a good person
17 Likes Nirvana

Kurt Cobain is literally TOO AWESOME. - MontyPython

18 She's knowledgeable and intelligent

Smartest user ever! - TwilightKitsune

19 Likes the Rolling Stones

As I know, you know, and everyone knows: BRIAN JONES IS MY FAVORITE. He will always be my favorite. Gotta love Bri! ( ' ▽ ' )ノ - MontyPython

20 She's lovable
21 She likes giving hugs
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1. She always puts a smile on someone's face!
2. She's beautiful
3. She listens when you have problems!


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