To MontyPython

Ever since Krissie left the site, I was kinda sad about it. I knew I was in the market for a new best buddy on this site, but I thought she was irreplaceable. In case she is reading this, she hasn't necessarily been replaced, as she is the kind of person who there's really nobody like. But I thought nobody would be closer to me. I have tons of close friends on this site, and I love 'em all, but I thought nobody would form a bond with me like Krissie. Even Lina only just tied. But one awesome, amazing, beautiful, and wonderful user made it. And their name is JOHN CENA!!!

....and by John Cena, I mean MontyPython.

MontyPython, or Ashley as I call her, is a wonderful user here. I first met her because I followed her and she messaged me. We started messaging each other frequently, and then we ended up getting even closer! Then right before I left for vacation, she said something like "goodbye, adorable baby bro!" or something. That made me feel really good so I decided she could be a big sis too. Me and her got closer and closer every day we talked. We talk about how our days went, help each other when we had problems, make each other happy, we talk about interests, and of course, we give each other LOTS of hugs and kisses over messages. We're very close to this day, and today, January 21, 2016, is the day I told her she was officially my favorite person on the site!

Ashley is 5 years older than me, and we're both Christians, so she's like a real big sister. I ask her for advice for school sometimes and she always has something that makes me feel all better. She's incredibly, amazingly beautiful as well! She's probably the most beautiful girl in the world, and her personality is even better! But do you want to know what the best thing about Ashley is? What's that? You don't? Well, LISTEN ANYWAY OR I'LL DESTROY YOU!!!

Ashley's best quality is that she makes me feel special, like I actually have a purpose. She always tells me I'm a sweet, smart guy and that she thinks I'm the most adorable person in the world! Ashley has never said something to me that didn't make me feel very happy about myself. She even said she'd be my valentine on Valentine's Day if nobody at my school agrees! (and they probably won't)

So if you're reading this Ashley(and you are because I'm linking you to it) I love you very very much, and I send lots of hugs and mwahs!


Mikey! You're way too kind! Thank you so much, little bro! You are one of my favorite, if not absolute favorite, users on this site. Love ya, lil' bro! - MontyPython

Isn't your name Ashton? - Billyv

I never knew you were female. - visitor

Monty Python is awesome. The user, don't actually watch the show lol. - Therandom

Are you insane?! The show is true class! - PositronWildhawk

You'd absolutely love it, I'm sure. - PetSounds

Well, if you guys say so. - Therandom

MontyPython is very confident and a very awesome user - FerrariDude64

MontyPython is an awesome user - Martinglez

Monty is awesome cool sweet even though I haven't seen her probably beautiful one of the best users ever - 2storm

I was under the impression that her first name is Ashton, not Ashley - Billyv

Correct. Ashley is just a nickname. - MontyPython

She's awesome - bobbythebrony

She's such a sweet user! :3 - cosmo

Lol sorry about the last comment I made,it was Opposite Day,anyways,I am very happy for you two,you two are a wonderful couple,your better then britgirl and keyson(which in my opinion britgirl and keyson aren't a good couple because they online dated)I wish you two a happy Valentine's Day,oh,and thanks for the funny moments also - Nateawesomeness

We're not dating, just valentines, but thank you. - Garythesnail

We're not dating, haha. And we don't plan to date. We're only great friends. - MontyPython

Lol sorry about that - Nateawesomeness

I think Britgirl and Keyson are the best couple. - visitor

She is a good user.
Not the best user, but one of the best. - Skullkid755

*John Cena theme plays* Nice post, bro. - RiverClanRocks

Speaking of that theme, watch the video *John Cena prank call. - Therandom

I feel happy for you 2. Sometimes it just works out like that. - visitor