Top Ten Best Things About Train Travel

Trains are among my favourite forms of transportation of all time. There's just something so charming about travelling with a train so I thought I should make a list about the top ten best things about train travel. With that being said here is the list.

The Top Ten Best Things About Train Travel

1 It's Comfortable

Hands down train travel is one of the most comfortable forms of public transportation that exists. Almost every other form of vehicle and transportation has one of more cons. Cars? Well you have little to no space and it's extremly unsafe. Buses? Well slightly worse because they are also incredibly slow and the seats are very uncomfortable. Airplanes? I've never been on one but from what I understand you aren't allowed to walk at all but sit on a small seat for seven hours straight. Ferries? Well they're a decent opponent to trains as you can move around freely and it offers nice views of the ocean. They're a worthy opponent of trains, but trains are still best. You can move around freely and the seats are amazingly comfortable and the overall feeling of being on a train is just awesome. This is the top reason in my opinion. - darthvadern

I misread the title of the this list as 'Top Ten Best Things About Time Travel'

I agree. Lots of trains have comfortable seats. - FlareLightX

I travel with the train almost everyday and it has very comfortable seats. I also find it comfortable to listen music in the train. It’s nice to see how passionated you are about trains - Userguy44

2 It's Fast

Once we went to Seattle, and the travel time was reduced by an hour - SirSheep

Apart from the stop

And depends on the place you are travelling too, car can be quicker sometimes - iliekpiez

I traveled once with a train and it was fast - ElSherlock

In Hungary for some reason railway traffic is developping backwards. One railline is closed after another. My town used to be able to be approached from three directions on train and now zero. And most of the stations areon the edge of their respective town or village so you have to walk a lot to get to your destination. - Alkadikce

3 It Offers Incredible Views of Outside

Since trains are a form of transportation on land, you can see so many awesome landscapes. Sure airplanes have views too, but trains offer better views. On airplanes you are stuck with looking out of the window high above the clouds with little to no impressive views. Since trains are on land, you can see awesome landscapes. Excellent! - darthvadern

No wonder why there are trains that are merely visited to see the landscape. You can even buy souvenirs on some of them. One of these trains from my country is between a famous castle and a riverside - Alkadikce

It's not THAT exotic to be honest. It sounds like it's going to fall apart in the next minute - Alkadikce

4 It's Eco-Friendly

Trains are pherhaps the most eco-friendly form of transportation there is. Airplane travel for example is just half as eco-friendly and don't get me started on standard cars which are a bane to the enviroment. - darthvadern

5 Flexibility

Paying a ticket for a train ride is as easy as it can get. Log-haul trains may require reservations but short trips are easy. You could simply just stumble upon a train station and buy a ticket right when you're there and you're free to go. It's amazing for simple it is. - darthvadern

Yeah, it means you have to beat the crowd to get a seat - iliekpiez

6 It's Efficient

Efficiency is one of the most important factors and train travel certainly is efficient. Train stations are located close in the city close to attractions and they take you through the core of the city, etc. It's great! - darthvadern

That's strange. But at the same time it gives them a unique vibe I suppose - darthvadern

Man when I went to Orlando though, I was grateful for UK public transport

But you do have to scramble for a seat on a train, no need to on a plane, if someone nicks it you can tell an attendant and they will be moved - iliekpiez

7 It's Cheap

I don't know about the UK or US but here in Sweden buying a train ticket is very cheap. In Stockholm, buying a one-time ticket costs like 30 kronor (or 0.3$). That's incredibly cheap and I've heard it's cheap in other countries as well. - darthvadern

Depends where you are travelling to - iliekpiez

8 No Traffic

It's amazing. Trams and buses have to be stuck in traffic as they cross roads while trains can just follow rails and they're the only ones on the rail. This means it can go a lot faster than a bus or tram as well. It's a great thing. - darthvadern

Stops though - iliekpiez

9 It Gives You the Feel of Living in a Big Metropolitan Area
10 No Hidden Fees

You can take as much baggage as you feel like on a train ride and it's free. You don't have to pay a fee for baggage. Compared to airplane travel when most airlines charge travellers with a fee for bags and baggage. That's just great if you ask me. - darthvadern

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11 Train Stations are Located Inside the Cities

Unlike airports that are often located on the edge of the city, train stations are located within the city so if you live in the city you just need to take a walk if you want a take a train trip. It's very simple. - darthvadern

12 It's Inspirational

Many pieces of European literature (novels, poems, short stories) are about trains or contain important scenes involving train travel. In a Hungarian story it even metaphorically represents the stages of life and our relationships as the people get on and off. You can't really read about people taking the bus or the taxi in novels, can you? - Alkadikce

Not to mention how many books you can read while relaxing on a train - germshep24

13 It's Exciting
14 You Don't Have to Stress About Bad Drivers

*train derails - SirSheep

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