Top Ten Best Things About Trevor Phillips

The Top Ten Best Things About Trevor Phillips

1 He's a psychopath

I thought of this reason before the list even loaded. - rcj37

We love you Trevor! - bobbythebrony

He is not psychopath. He is a sociopath

And psychopaths are awesome - bobbythebrony

2 He's the most hilarious character
3 He's totally random
4 He has the best switch scenes
5 He has the best catchphrases
6 He's honest
7 He doesn't try to hide who he is
8 He remains friends with Michael even though he lied to him
9 He's the most fun to play as
10 He respects women

The Contenders

11 He’s Loyal

As loyal as Rainbow Dash. In fact, he is basically a methed up Rainbow Dash.

12 He's funnier than Cartman
13 He's sexy and funny
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