Top Ten Best Things About Trump's Inauguration


The Top Ten

1 He Said a Lot of the Same Stuff in the Debates

I liked his speech. It was said with a lot of passion and patriotism (even I felt proud! ) I believe he'll keep to his word; or at least do his very best. - Britgirl

It made me happy - 2storm

2 He Said God Like 500 Times

If you are a Christian you like what you heard - 2storm

Yes, lol, I'm sure atheists and other anti-God people were triggered.

Strange? Because Donald Trump himself has a godcomplex.

3 The Pen Ceremony

It was hilarious - 2storm

4 Most of the Higher Respected Democrats Were There

Even though how much I hate those Democrats - 2storm

Respected? Lol! Trump called them out too.

5 Obama is Gone
6 Mike Pence Got Elected

Mike Pence is epic - 2storm

7 Bill Clinton Started Crying

I don't remember seeing this but did you see him eyeing Trump's wife and daughters? Hillary caught him and the look on her face was priceless!

It was hilarious - 2storm

8 Donald Trump Wasn't Killed

That always good - 2storm

9 Trump Put His Hand on 2 Bibles

One was Abraham Lincoln's - 2storm

10 America Will Get Better Starting that Day

The Contenders

11 He Said America Would Be a Great Place for All Races

Oh but he's a racist! /sarcasm

12 He Said He Will Unite All Republicans and Democrats

To start his imperium?

13 America is Now Run by a Republican
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