Best Things About the TV Show Jessie

The Top Ten Best Things About the TV Show Jessie

1 It is entertaining

Yep. Stereotypes and inappropriate jokes are so entertaining. - Minecraftcrazy530

Jessie is a great show, all with shows like Ravens home and ck undercover. Best shows ever.

People can say whatever they want but just know that you can ask anyone and they'll say that Jessie is an awesome show

2 New episodes always give you something to look forward to
3 It is a TV show you can enjoy
4 Zuri is a funny character

That is, if you think mean people are funny. - AnonymousChick

5 Ravi is a funny character
6 Luke is a funny character
7 Emma is a funny character
8 Bertram is a funny character
9 The episode where they showed Jessie's dad
10 The first episode

Even on the first episode I knew that it would be a great show. - TopTensFan

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