♡ Garythesnail ♡

Hey guys! So you all know who Garythesnail is, right? If not, then you're seriously missing out! But then again, I doubt you haven't heard of him!

There are so many things I could say about Garythesnail! He is probably the best person I've met here! I'm sure all of you agree with me when I say that. If you don't agree, you either haven't met him yet or just aren't thinking right! Seriously, how can you not love him? He's a really great friend!

First of all, he's really sweet. He'll comfort you when you need it and he'll be by your side! He's really nice and will always be there for you! He's probably the nicest guy I've ever met! I practically consider him one of my best friends!

Second, he really cares for his friends. He will cheer you up when you're down and he will always ask how you've been. He has a heart of gold! He understands you even if he hasn't experienced what you're going through. His empathy makes him a really good friend that will do wherever it takes to cheer you up make you smile!

He's always willing to help you get through a tough time. If you ever need to talk with someone, Mikey is the guy to go to! He'll always agree to talk to you, especially if you're not in a good mood. Even if you don't know what to do to solve a conflict, Mikey will be there to help you find a good resolution. He's every respectful and respects your privacy and personal life. He'll never push you too far and he always knows just what to say!

Even though I haven't met him in real life, I know already that he's smart and very mature. I don't think I've ever seen him 'break' yet. Of course, there was the incident of Forever_Smiling13 (Kris) and her decision to leave, but he still tried to stay strong. Eventually, I convinced Kris to come back, and he grew happier! Just seeing Mikey's mood get better made me really happy! I'm sure that you guys would also do whatever it takes to cheer him up if he was down!

So to wrap this up, I just want to recap all the positive things about him. He's really sweet, nice, and understands you! He's also really respectful and cheers you up when you're down! Mikey, you're a really great guy and friend. I'm glad we're friends! :D