Best Things About the Warrior Cat Mapleshade

Mapleshade is an amazing and misunderstood character. Yes, she killed Spottedleaf for the second time, ruined Crookedstar's life, killed a lot of Riverclan cats. But there's more to her than that.

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She persevered

Instead of sulking (she did at first) and killing herself (she did in the end, though) she persevered to get her revenge. I have yet to get mine. - Wolftail

She is definitely my favourite warrior, no questions asked. Say Mapleshade if u agee - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

Why do you guys keep saying she killed herself? It's stated in the wiki and in the books that she died from "Blood loss from neck wound" Not being mean, just stating facts.

Yeah She is my favorite cat to!

She's clever

Mapleshade's seriously clever! I mean, she manipulated Crookedstar and made him think that all those deaths were his fault! Yes, she did prey on a cat that didn't deserve it, but Mapleshade lost everything! She was nearly leader of her Clan, then she fell in love - you don't choose who you fall in love with! Then, she's forced to tell ThunderClan her kits' father, although it is said that the father of kits is allowed to be kept secret, and then she gets exiled! Right then! Yellowfang, Raggedstar, Bluestar, Oakheart, Greystripe, Silverstream, Leafpool and Crowfeather should have been exiled from their Clans as well! Yellowfang and Raggedstar should have had something even worse happen to them, and Leafpool and Crowfeather... well they should have been killed judging by Mapleshade's treatment! There's a lot more I'd like to say about Mapleshade, but, yeah. - Shiverfeather

She manipulated Crookedkit (later Crookedstar) into thinking that keeping her promise wouldn't come with a cost. And organising the attack on Riverclan with the rogues, to kill Reedshine and Appledusk? Smart thinking. Bravo, Mapleshade. - Wolftail

Lots of people can relate to her

Oh, yes! Who doesn't love killing multiple cats, holding an apprentice hostage who had done nothing wrong and blaming others for their own mistakes? Damn...You can really relate to her! I mean, apparently murder is logic?

Like the awesome quote: "Can you imagine what that feels like? To be rejected twice? To be a loner when all you tried to do was love? "

At least one in their lives, people have been cheated on, depressed, and wanting revenge. And here's an awesome character they can relate to! - Wolftail

Think about it see also lost much more then that and was rejected THREE times. - Catsarah123

Before she became a serial killer, that is. - RoseWeasley

Yeah. Who hasn't watched their kits drown in a river and then sworn revenge on three cats because they had hallucinations of their dead kits telling them to? - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

She died a martyr

Before she ate deathberries (yew berries) and died, she promised herself that she would get revenge. She later did. She died for what she believed in: that she would get revenge on the clans for casting her out. And on star clan, for sending her to the Dark Forest. - Wolftail

My fave warrior cat - moonwolf

Shes my favorite warrior cat

Mapleshade didn't eat deathberries did she? I thought she was killed by Appledusks apprentice

She lost everything and still didn't give up

Mapleshade went through so much but she never gave up. She always wanted revenge and I can totally relate to that

She lost her clan, her mate, her kits, and still got revenge. Go Mapleshade! - Wolftail

I so agree because if this happened to someone else they would of GIVEN UP LIKE... SNAP!

She also created the best quote in warrior history

She has the same name as many places

I once looked her up on Google Maps, and I found a recording studio, Mapleshade Lane, Mapleshade Primary School. There's even a town in New Jersey called Maple Shade. Close enough. - Wolftail

She's a character in the Warriors series

One of the best book series ever! If only she had an appearance in The Enemy series, or even Chronicles of Ancient Darkness... - Wolftail

Warriors is life, and every character is a part of it. - WitheredBonnie

She's manipulative

My parents say I'm manipulative. Hmm, so that's another reason why I'm like a human Mapleshade. - Wolftail

I can get anyone to do whatever I want even if it means to rip apart the thing I love most

Your parents call you manipulative..? I feel bad. °^°

She's underrated

Just have a deeper look into her life story. There's more to her than that she ruined Crookedstar's life and killed Spottedleaf for the second time. I mean, come on people, seriously. - Wolftail

She's the best! Favourite cat!

I'm my opinion, she's one of the most misunderstood characters in the series. I mean, she was such a loyal warrior and then she was forced into telling the clan who her mate was even though you can do that. She was punished for lying about Birchface being the father of her kits but she never actually said so; everyone just assumed that Birchface was their father. And then she was kicked out of her clan and rejected by her own kin, even though it's against the warrior code to do that to a queen and her kits. And then she was rejected AGAIN by her mate, Appledusk, and the rest of Riverclan. They have no simpathy for a queen who just lost her kits. And Appledusk goes completely unpunished?!?! So I really don't blame her for killing those cats, especially Appledusk and Frecklewish. I mean, Frecklewish just stood there and watched as those kits drowned. And then she went to the dark forest when she died, never to see her kits again. I cried for hours after her death. She was only trying to ...more

She avenged her kits so they could go to Starclan

Three words: Best mom ever! - Catsarah123

So her favourite cat

#the best

I don’t get why mapleshade went to the dark forest.She killed all those cats because she went insane with grief! If mapleshade went to the dark forest,then Oakstar,Frecklewish,and Appledusk should have too.And she never got to see her kits again!

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? She was rejected multiple times

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She is one of the few villains who has a reason to be a villain

Where's her sympathy Starclan? You let Ashfur go to Starclan and NOT her?! It was unfair in the first place to lose all her kits to a STUPID flood.

Agree. She even is the best villian because she did what she wanted. She murderd 3 cats that destroyed her life.

This is totally true - RavenHeart

She was awesome

Mapleshade is awesome she is so misunderstood I feel bad on top of every thing els she is being called a traitor it is so unfair

I feel so sorrry for her! and so awesome

She's mysterious

Her life and feelings are a mystery. - Wolftail

She's the best warrior cat


She was willing to fight for what she believed in and to make it happen
She fought her life and death

She is STILL in the dark forest - AnonymousChick

She should not be in the dark forest it should be Appledusk there not mapleshade I love her she is so cooll


She cared about her kits
She is smart
She killed Spottedleaf

I hate spotty leaf. I'm glad she killed her

She was heartbroken

Apple Dusk and Freckle wish can go die in a hole Reed shine can lose her kits and be slaughtered Raven Wing is such a jerk and wouldn't have mercy on innocent kits

Well said...

Ravenwing is the worst,frecklewish go die in a pit,appledusk go to the dark forest.reedshine should have been slaughtered she is a mary sue and is a jerk to flash a grin at mapleshade while comforting appledusk like,"He's mine loser! "i hate them!

She still cares for her kits

The Erins revealed that whenever Mapleshade has the chance,she will visit her kits at the border of Starclan.I think that she is to be monitored by Frecklewish,Ravenwing,Birchface and Appledusk in case she tries to cross the border and murder a cat,but this sentence just shows how much she still loves her kits,even if her soul is corrupted by shadow and ice.

She is a good villain

She's my favourite cat! And what's that horrible comment doing under me!?

I dislike her because she is evil and manipulated Crookedstar but when it comes to villains she is one of the best. - RiverClanRocks

She was cheated on

*Fluff appleass whatever his name was! She didn't deserve that!

She Was Betrayed
She slips away from blame

Mapleshade slips out of Ravenwing's death by hiding behind the Moonstone,where it would be the last place any cat ever checked.She slips out of Frecklewish's death by running away leaving a Thunderclan patrol to find her,they even mention they have no medicine cat! She DOESN'T manage to slip out of Appledusk's death though as she kills him in front of the whole clan.

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