Top Ten Things About Warrior Cats You Probably Didn't Know


The Top Ten

1 Cat Leaders Have 10 Lives Not 9

Yeah! They have a life and StarClan gives them 9.


2 Windclan Is the Closest to Starclan
3 Skyclan Was the First Clan
4 Bloodclan Is Not a Clan

Ya...i know.

5 Warriors Live In Clans and Tribes
6 There's a Thousand Cats
7 They're Making a Warriors Movie

I didn't know that they were making a movie about the series! I would go see it! - Pegasister12

I always knew that.I'm super excite.But I'm hoping that they don't skip some important parts. - cassiabez

YAY YAY YAY YAY! WHOO! I've gotta go see that when it comes out!


8 Erin Hunter Works Harder On This Series Than Any Other
9 This Is Erin Hunters Favorite Book Created by Her
10 Thunderclan is Like America

The Contenders

11 The cats know some twoleg language V 1 Comment
12 Fireheart Was Named After Lionheart

Well he's name after Oakheart as I know... - cassiabez

A websight told me that, so look it up. but...the websight could be if it is.

13 Tigerclaw was going to be called Hammerclaw
14 Onestar Had a Child

Yep.He became mates with Whitetail and had Heathertail. - cassiabez

15 Pinestar was way older than Leapordfoot
16 Yellowfang has orange eyes

Uh...Honestly.I think everybody knows that. - cassiabez

17 Lepoardstar Didn't Know How to Swim
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