Top Ten Things About Warrior Cats You Probably Didn't Know

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1 Cat leaders have 10 lives not 9

This is not true. During a leader's nine lives ceremony, their original life gets stripped away. They are dead until they get their first leader life.

No they only have 9, because they are required to be striped of their previous life in order to receive the new 9.

They only have 9, because if you count the deaths until they join StarClan it's only 9.

I think that there original first life gets takin away

2 Windclan is the closest to Starclan

All the clans are closest to Starclan. They all regularly meet them. Just because they sleep under Silverpelt and are closest to the Moonstone/pool doesn't mean anything.

That’s because WindClan cats live on the open moor, so the cats are “closer” to the stars because they aren’t protected by trees. I honestly love these little traits about the Clans

I think this is wrong usually the mountains are closest to starclan

Well, it is closest to the MoopPool/Moonstone

3 Skyclan was the first clan

Everyone knows this...

4 Bloodclan is not a Clan

It is a group of rouges

Yea they don’t even have a medic cat like WHAT there is no deputy like WHAT there are no apprentice like CRAZY it’s just a group of rouges like CRAZY

5 Warriors live in clans and tribes

They only live in clans actually

The tribe of Rushing water

Wow! I didn’t know that!

yea they were orginally the tribe of rushing water who were originally the ancients. OMG THIS IS GOING IN CIRCLES

6 There's a thousand cats
7 They're making a Warriors movie

Yes they are its original release date was for 2020 but now were looking more along the lines of late 2024 I can 99.9% guarantee that we will have a warriors movie

I will like a warriors movie and a wings of fire movie! that will be a lot better than reading and making up the seance! won't it be cool to see a movie that is full of fighting and action!?

I really like Warriors, it's my favorite book series, but I don't know about a movie...

I didn't know that they were making a movie about the series! I would go see it!

8 Erin Hunter works harder on this series than any other

Erin Hunter is multiple people

Erin’s is 3people

So true. it is the BIGGEST SERIES!

9 Leopardstar joined TigerClan because she was in love with him

Yes, she wanted to have kits with him. But she loved Whiteclaw and when he died, she decided to never take a mate again.

True, they had a kit who was left to die. It was a tortoiseshell Tom. He was called Sol...

True. In a book she said she thought Tigerstar would ask her to be her mate.

Someone's in love

10 Sandstorm cheated on her final assessment

Yep! She brought back someone else's prey!

She stole prey.

I think this is just a headcannon-

yea she brought back someone else's prey

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11 Fireheart was named after Lionheart

No, he was named after both in memory of their loyalty and Bluestar was closer to them than a lot of other cats!

Maybe because he had the"heart of a true warrior"

He was actually named after Oakheart

No he was named after oakheart, Bluestar's rc mate

12 Spottedleaf was trying to draw Fireheart(star) into StarClan so far that he couldn't return to ThunderClan in one of Firestar's dreams

Spottedleaf isn't that evil.

Oh I didn't know that! That creep stalks firestar.


Oh wow. She's a creepy snoop.


13 Thunderclan is like America

Yeah that makes sense. I think Riverclan would be Britain. Both are surrounded by water and fought with America over territory. Well it wasn't exactly that. I think Canada would be Windclan. As for Shadowclan...Russia maybe or Germany? A place that seems really bad to America but isn't as bad as they think.

I agree... Sort of. If you think about it, the events that happen in Warrior Cats are a lot like U.S. history.

Do you see Donald Trump anywhere in Warriors? No. Thunderclan definitely isn't America.

Firestar is like Donald trump, a total dicktator and idiot and controlll freake.

14 Squirrelflight has one white paw in reference to Scourge

Yes, Scourge is Firestar's half brother because Jake is their father. So, Squirrelflight got her paw from Scourge. Firestar often shudders as he sees her paw.

Yep. And Firestar is related to Scourge, who is related to Ashfur. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING ASHFUR?!?!?

Scourge is Firestar's half brother, so ya... that makes sense. My friend said something about that.

Wow I didn't know that, everyone hates scourge so why do that

true very is this But top. e street th Ignore Scourge. lost I was this Yes, was Make true. is this Yes,

15 Tigerclaw was going to be called Hammerclaw

True. It was on the brink of being published when someone wondered out loud if cats would know what a hammer was.

How would the cats even know what a hammer was?

(It says on Because cats didn't know what's a hammer, so they named him Tigerstar instead

16 Cinderpelt loved Fireheart, but he didn't catch on

This is the saddest fact ever! So true though! I wonder if she loved him when she was a kit, or when she was his apprentice, or after she became a medicine cat.

I agree but the whole story would have gotten ruined if Cinderpelt broke the Warrior Code and stole Firestar from Sandstorm!

He’s so stupid sometimes! Poor Cinderpelt. She deserves to have Fireheart (star) as her mate. I hate Sandstorm and that medicine cats can't have mates. Though the Hunters say they might change that rule in The Broken Code.

Ow, I already knew this, but every time I read this it just makes me wonder if Firestar could have payed more attention to Cinderpelt's feelings :c
Plus, I believe this is the best example of a not corresponded love in all Warrior Cats' series
With pain, me :v

17 Darkstripe (Male!) was in love with Tigerstar

Wow, that's not right... So basically he loves him because he worshipped him, or kit Married love?

They say it like its bad when a male likes a male, but its normal. And does he really love him? Nice.

This is worse than CinderpeltxFirestar. I'm not homophobic, but I think Tigerstar was just an idol to Darkstripe.

Yes, he was, but he didn't realize until after he had rejected him.

18 Scourge hated the dog teeth in his collar but put up with it because it made him look fierce

It choked him and scathed his throat and made it hard to swallow.

Was it itchy little guuuy?

aww poor sweet kitten
(Jk XD)

19 Blackstar was a polydactyl cat

Polydactyl cats have one extra toe from when they were born. Yes this is cool. Sincerely, Fox the Rogue

Tree is also a polydactyl cat

too thing same that has actually Tree

YASS! My cat is polydactyl so ya...

20 Brokenstar has kittypet blood

Yes, he does. Raggedstar is his father. Raggedstar's father is Hal, a kittypet!

Yes, because his father is ragged star and ragged star's dad was a kitty-pet

also I think kitty-pets should not be treated badly because they did not choose to be a kitty-pet

21 Originally, Moonflower was going to be Duskflower

I like Duskflower

22 Bluestar and Whitestorm are related

His nephew, actually. Whitestorm was Bluestar's nephew :v

Yes. Bluefur's sister, Snowfur, had Whitestorm. So Whitestorm is Bluestar's nephew.

It states it in the book

23 Onestar had a child

He had two Heathertail and Darktail

Onestar, leader of WindClan had two children; one she-cat each. With Whitetail, he had Heathertail. With Smoke, the kittypet, he had Darktail, the cat who appears in Hawkwing's Journey and took over the gorge. Darktail and his father drown each other which was fatal for both. Onestar and Smoke didn't just have Darktail, but also had kits that were not mentioned by name. He only had one kit with Whitetail.

24 The Three have SkyClan, ThunderClan, kittypet, and WindClan blood

Because Cloudstar had 2 kits left behind, a dark brown tabby tom, and a tortoiseshell she-cat, so Spottedleaf and Tigerclaw are related to Skyclan, and Brambleclaw, son of tigerclaw, is Squirrelflights mate, witch makes Leafpool related too! And since she is related to the 3, that connects them through Firestar, and Crowfearher and the others. BOOM!

They lived in ThunderClan, related to Crowfeather related to Firestar, but Skyclan? How

Ok I have no idea what is going on

25 Hollyleaf is scared of thunderstorms because of Ashfur's confrontation

I would be too

Well that makes since he tried to kill them!

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