Top Ten Things About Warrior Cats You Probably Didn't Know


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1 Cat Leaders Have 10 Lives Not 9

Yeah! They have a life and StarClan gives them 9.


2 Windclan Is the Closest to Starclan
3 Skyclan Was the First Clan
4 Bloodclan Is Not a Clan

Ya...i know.

5 Warriors Live In Clans and Tribes
6 There's a Thousand Cats
7 They're Making a Warriors Movie

I didn't know that they were making a movie about the series! I would go see it! - Pegasister12

I always knew that.I'm super excite.But I'm hoping that they don't skip some important parts. - cassiabez

YAY YAY YAY YAY! WHOO! I've gotta go see that when it comes out!


8 Erin Hunter Works Harder On This Series Than Any Other
9 This Is Erin Hunters Favorite Book Created by Her
10 Fireheart Was Named After Lionheart

Well he's name after Oakheart as I know... - cassiabez

A websight told me that, so look it up. but...the websight could be if it is.

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? Bluestar and Whitestorm are Related
? Darkstripe (Male!) Was in Love with Tigerstar

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11 Onestar Had a Child

Yep.He became mates with Whitetail and had Heathertail. - cassiabez

Onestar, leader of WindClan had two children; one she-cat each. With Whitetail, he had Heathertail. With Smoke, the kittypet, he had Darktail, the cat who appears in Hawkwing's Journey and took over the gorge. Darktail and his father drown each other which was fatal for both. Onestar and Smoke didn't just have Darktail, but also had kits that were not mentioned by name. He only had one kit with Whitetail.

12 Thunderclan is Like America
13 The cats know some twoleg language V 1 Comment
14 A RiverClan queen fusses over Silverstream expecting. Silverstream calls the cat Greenflower yet the name is not listed in allegiances or mentioned anywhere else

Didn't know that. I know Greenflower is that brown-striped she-cat with a little white splash on her chest... or neck. On the Wikia, it says the only book she was in was Forest of Secrets. It also says Kate Cary describes her as, " very sweet. " But I didn't know it wasn't listed in allegiances of RiverClan...

15 Tigerclaw was going to be called Hammerclaw
16 Pinestar was way older than Leapordfoot
17 Yellowfang has orange eyes

Uh...Honestly.I think everybody knows that. - cassiabez

18 Lepoardstar Didn't Know How to Swim
19 Swiftbreeze didn't like Bluestar after Bluestar wanted to go help Moonflower instead of Leopardfoot at the WindClan battle when Bluestar was an apprentice

Does anyone else notice that Swiftbreeze acted kinda snooty and bratty towards Bluepaw after Bluepaw wanted to help Moonflower instead of Leopardpaw? Bluepaw's like "Please, Swiftbreeze, let me help poor Moonflower! "
Swiftbreeze is like, "NO, Bluepaw? Are you crazy?! Forget about Moonflower help me with my baby Leopardpaw! "
I think that Swiftbreeze is a MAJOR HELICOPTER-MOM, so much that it's annoying. She's almost protecting Leopardfoot from Bluestar, then totally drops Leopardfoot and starts protecting Willowpelt and Spottedleaf when are born...kinda crazy when Bluestar lost so much and Swiftbreeze was given the life of a princess.

20 Spottedleaf was trying to draw Fireheart(star) into StarClan so far that he couldn't return to ThunderClan in one of Firestar's dreams
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