Top Ten Best Things About the Wheel of Time Books

Considering that my username, city, country, and profession are from the Wheel of Time, it only makes sense for me to make this list. I hope this persuades you to red the Wheel of Time series :) (If you do actually want to read it after reading this list, the Wheel of Time was written by Robert Jordan, just so you know)

The Top Ten

14 books

I find this funny because of "I'm currently on book nine," when now you've finished the entire thing. I think. You go, you giant nerd. (In a good way, of course.) - beyoncee

15 including the prequel. I'm currently on book nine, but when you finish you get to brag yo your friends that you read a 14 book series. - Merilille

I'm on book 5 - Themattster12

I began reading WoT when going into middle school. Since I already read tolkien,narnia,harry potter,a bit of sanderson, I loved it. RJ knows how to keep u page turning and wanting to find out more. - Themattster12

Women are involved

By that I mean that women actually do stuff. They don't just sit around waiting for the men. They have to fight to survive too, not just the guys. Some fight, some channel, but all main women characters have killed or been involved in a battle. - Merilille

I'm a male and I think this is great that jordan puts women with strong roles in his stories! A variety of character types is what makes fanasty stories awesome!

Fanasty can't be good without women involved. - Themattster12


Some women and few men can channel, which is basically magic. The people who can channel "weave" using "threads" or "flows" that are one of the following: Fire, water, spirit, earth, and air. Only people who can channel can see the flows. I could go on for hours but I'm trying not to waste your time. I could send you to Wikipedia but then you would know too much. - Merilille


Fantasy! What more could you want? - Merilille

An excellent genre of fiction, as long as it's not Twilight. - PositronWildhawk

After the 3rd or 4th book you'll get attached to the characters

They'll invade your dreams. Once I had a dream that Moiraine and Lan were in the pew in front of me during church. When you get attached to the characters then you'll like the book series more. - Merilille

Cuss free!

The majority of the characters are adults but this is Fantasy! They have their own sets of cuss words. Most have something to do with blood and fire. ( I.E. "Blood and ashes! ") The worst word they used is damn, in the 2nd book and 8th book. (yes, I keep track) - Merilille

Those "subtle hints"

Maan, it was so funny in that one (the 5th I think) when there was that chair of naked acrobats and Nynaeve realized that some were doing more than contortions. It never outrightly says but it's rather easy to figure out. - Merilille

It's hilarious

I am often laughing my butt off at basically nothing. It's probably my terrible sense of humor. The books can be sad too. Book 5 chapter 53, I cried. I'm too lazy to change the title to emotion inflicting, but it would probably be better. - Merilille

It's a realistic, complex, well planned world

There are countries, cities, islands, unknown areas, and a map in all books. - Merilille


In every book except for the prequel there is a glossary. Y'know, just in case you forget who Rand or Egwene is, you can look it up in the back of the book without learning too much. - Merilille

It helps with pronunciation, too. How the heck do you pronounce Aes Sedai Eyes-Said-Eye? Eee-said-eee? The old tongue is like Welsh, in that nobody knows how it's said. But with a glossary you don't have that problem.

The Contenders

Cool characters

Mat is the best - Themattster12

Completed by Brandon Sanderson
Compelling Character Development
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