Top Ten Best Things About the Wii U


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1 Gamepad

Some people call it a gimmick, but I think it has so many great features. 4 action buttons, 4 shoulder buttons, touchscreen, two joysticks, D-pad, microphone, home button, power button, T.V. button, start button, select button, and many more. - toptenzen

What is wrong with the Gamepad? I absolutely LOVE IT. - TaeBooty

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2 So Many Great Games V 1 Comment
3 Virtual Console

Why buy a bunch of different Nintendo consoles, when you can buy over half of them for $300 dollars? Now that's a discount! - toptenzen

4 Cheap

You want a PS4? That'll be $400! You want a Xbox One? That'll be $500! Want a console better than both of those? That'll be $300! - toptenzen

5 Miiverse

Are you a kid and want a Facebook account, but your mom says you're too young? Miiverse is the closest you're gonna get. - toptenzen

6 Amiibo

This is DLC done right, except it isn't DLC. What will they think of next? - toptenzen

7 Beautiful HD Graphics

Though it's not as HD as the PS4 or Xbox One, it still looks stunning! - toptenzen

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9 You Can Play Wii Games on it

The Wii is about the same price as the Wii U. If you're gonna buy a Wii, just buy a Wii U instead. - toptenzen

10 You Can Use the Gamecube Controller
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