Top Ten Best Things About Winter

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1 Winter Break

Really fun

Winter break is awesome, you get to stay home and play games (mostly Minecraft, SimCity 4, and Skyrim) all day, and stay home and have hot chocolate and cookies, and won't have to worry about any single work, just peaceful!

I Love winters...and this reason is so good! - Ananya

It is nice to have 2 weeks off from school in the winter

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2 Christmas

I live in Australia and all of us Aussies have celebrated our Christmas and New Year's in Summer.

And New Year's Eve!



3 Snow

I feel that being a Canadian, I kind of take this for granted. The whole world seems more civil and peaceful when there's snow on the ground. It really brings people together, makes them feel like they have more in common (especially when they have to shovel the driveway). A good excuse to sit inside with a 2-4 of Molsons and watch the Leafs and the Habs on Hockey Night in Canada, eh?

Winter is by far my favourite of the seasons. I was sad to not have any snow in London this winter (bloody greenhouse effect) but I hope it's back next year. - PositronWildhawk

Snow is by far the best thing about Winter because you can make snow mans and play snowball fights and more things!

Nothing beats waking up, looking outside and seeing a blanket of white thrown over everything.

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4 School Cancelled Due to a Snow Storm

We always get snow here, so school never gets cancelled but the school buses could in a snow storm - trains45

It's good until the school district takes away summer/spring break due to too many of these.

That is really neat, you are in the class room, working on Science, and then the electricity goes out, then an announcement come out of the speakers, saying that you get to go home early.

I live in southern California none of this happens except for winter break! - happyhappyjoyjoy

5 Winter Clothing
6 Drinking Hot Chocolate After Playing In the Snow

That's what I need, I go inside, shivering, and my mom gives me hot chocolate to warm me up, it's great!

It doesn't snow here but I always enjoy hot chocolate during this time. - ivylee

7 Snowball Fights

I throw pretty hard at times, and I knock down the opponent and I win sometimes, it's fun!

8 Making Snow Angels
9 2 Hour Delays

You get to stay home and sleep in a little longer or play games for and hour or two, neat!

I renember one day I had a 2 hour delay and instead of going to school at 6:40 I was on the top tens for 2 hours untill I had to go to the bus stop at 8:40 - Ajkloth

10 No School

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11 Having Fun
12 Soup
13 Looking at the Fireplace
14 Coffee
15 The Annoying Insects Are Away In Winter

The time when I don't have to worry about those insects that sting, I don't mind Honeybees (they won't sting you if you're nice to them) but Wasps, Hornets and those big bad black bees are just plain scary, and winter protects you from them.

Mosquitos love my blood so this is great for me.

True - Randomator

16 Frost on Trees

The frost on trees look so pretty

17 Hiding In the Snow and Scaring People

Your are in the snow, you see you girlfriend or sister or brother or whoever unlock the door and then you jump out and give (your brother, sister, etc, ) a pretty good scare.

18 Decorating The Christmas Tree
19 The Joy of Snowdays
20 Playing In Snow is More Fun Then Playing With the Grass or Sand
21 Cozy Warmth of the Quilt
22 Houses Are More Beautiful In Winter
23 Going Ice Skating

I live in New Mexico, and when we go ice skating, we always go to the one in Albuquerque because that's pretty much the only one we can find. But yeah it's fun!

24 The Next Year Always Starts In Winter

Unless your in the south hemisphere, like south america, south africa, Australia and new zealand the new year starts in the summer - trains45

25 Christmas Gifts

If I get any...

26 Christmas Music
27 Opening Presents
28 The Memorable Valentine's Dance
29 Looking at the Sun to Keep You Warmer
30 New Year's Eve

I like watching the ball drop on T.V.

31 Going down hill on crazy carpet sled
32 Christmas Eve
33 Skiing Skiing Skiing can be a means of transport, a recreational activity or a competitive winter sport in which the participant uses skis to glide on snow.

Really... How is this below LOOKING AT THE FIREPLACE

34 Cold Weather
35 Pap with Tripe
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