Honestly. . . mind boggling . Witcher 3 map size + predictions for Witcher 4 in about five years

I'm not going to review Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, I've already done that in another post and in my favourite remix of all: my remix of the best video games of all time. However, though I did say about the map being colossal, I didn't exactly put into perspective exactly how big it is to those who don't know . So here goes.

There's a place in Witcher 3 called Skelige. It's a vast area, a huge island that's basically it's own country due to the size and nation, with huge mountainous regions, Cliff faces and castles, many towns, hundreds of secrets, and many quests. Think of all that, and the fact that alone it is roughly 2.5x bigger than Assassin's Creed Syndicates victorian London, and then bare this is mind: this isn't even the biggest area in the game. Velen, another area, is roughly around twice the size of Skelige, if not a little more . Then there's three other areas. All together, the map is somewhere around 3-4x bigger than all of the ocean of Black Flag, probably about 12-14x bigger than that of Syndicate, and probably bigger than all the Black Ops 3 zombie and multiplayer maps put together then multiplied by 1000.
Witcher 3 isn't a game, it's a second life.

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Witcher 4 predictions.
Now, with the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt being so insanely massive, and with the company behind it working on a new series and the development time of each Witcher game, Witcher 4 will literally probably be here around 2021. I reckon 2020 due to it being a milestone year. So it's a long time away, but if they make it which they've stated they eventually will all being well, I reckon I've found what it will be. It's not even being thought about yet so this isn't a leak, but my prediction is that the game will be called The Witcher 4: White Frost. The game will feature the chosen one Ciri as the main character, with Geralts trilogy being over. The setting will be what's been hinted at through several Witcher 3 side quests: the white frost, a predicted disaster that will claim the world and can "only be prevented by one of the chosen blood ", aka Ciri. Ciri will take over as the lead. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. If at the start of the next decade this turns out to be true, remember EVILANGEL PREDICTED THAT. Then come to me for your lottery numbers :D.

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Cyberpunk 2077.
This is the name of the game that is currently being made by the Witcher creators, with Witcher being on a hiatus. After a decade of working on an old setting with swords and whatnot, they're now going the opposite direction for a while, this game being set in the future and featuring heavy technology. It's been being worked on since 2012, and is predicted to release at either the very end of 2016 or early 2017. But here is the thing that has left me speechless: the creators themselves are saying that it is "Far, far bigger than the Witcher 3". ARE YOU SERIOUS. How is that possible.
The witcher 3 is colossal, dwarfs any other game I've ever played, yet this apparently dwarfs it. Shame I'm not keen on futuristic settings. The setting of the witcher is perfect for me.

All I can say is, to those reading: buy the witcher and invest good time in it.


My ending for witcher 3 was my perfect ending: ended up living with triss who is absolutely lovely in every way, and Ciri lived and became a witcher. - EvilAngel

Good, I don't own an xbox one or a ps4 so I want the pc version. I think I'll just install it from the disc and keep my data backed up on multiple drives though since I don't want to spend an entire week downloading it from steam. - Skullkid755