Top Ten Best Things About Yoshi's New Island

Everyone loves Yoshi, but Yoshi's New Island is sadly forgettable and wasted. It's actually a good game, and here are the top ten reasons why you should play it!

The Top Ten

1 It's Adventurous

You start from the plains, to a canyon, to a beach, to a glacier, and more awaits. It's very fun and you ought to play it! - Mariomaster63

2 Tossing Eggs

Aiming and throwing makes things seem like a better game, and who can do it better than Yoshi, huh? - Mariomaster63

3 Boss Battles

The boss battles are fun and creative, and it gives lots of nostalgic memories of Yoshi's Island (August 5, 1995) - Mariomaster63

4 Nostalgia

Small moments are big memories, and Yoshi's Island has to be one of them. Yoshi's New Island consists of all the things from your home SNES console. - Mariomaster63

5 Mega Egg Dozers

This is a newer thing with Yoshi, and Mega egg Dozers are huge eggs that have more destructive force than ever! - Mariomaster63

6 Humor

That gween donkey looks stwangewy familiar...
Here lemme help you masterful master!
The humor is awesome. - Mariomaster63

7 It's Easy and Fun

If you're a beginner gamer and wanna have a good time, Yoshi's New Island is a perfect game. - Mariomaster63

8 Viewing In 3D

It's for the 3DS, so you probably knew that... - Mariomaster63

9 Switching Yoshi Colors

You get to play as a wide variety of Yoshi colors.
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple, and Pink Yoshi. - Mariomaster63

10 It's Handheld.
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