Things They Should Add to Resident Evil 6


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1 Counter Button

grab that chainsaw and go chase him for a change - mgsfan

Dude, let's hit him with the lasers instead, god only knows that everyone wants to try out that laser on the guy~!

2 More Partner Command Options

IF you have a partner again. - mgsfan

3 More People In Mercanaries

maybe add sub characters like luis from Re4 - mgsfan

4 Online Play

play as zombies or mercenaries online - mgsfan

5 More Space For Items
6 More Weapons

I agree. Resident Evil weapon must be more versatile. It would be more enjoyable and just cool. Anyway, I can't wait RE 6. I love this game so much - Magnolia

We don't need more space for weapons. It is much better that we need to make tough decisions. Adding weapons will do this too.

smoke grenades, longer knifes, etc. - mgsfan

7 Dodge Button

like when you're near death you can dodge some attacks. - mgsfan

8 Sub Missions

like when you play Re4 from Adas story. - mgsfan

9 Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield Team Up

It would be the Bomb! They both are cool and they both kick ass. I think they still didn't do that because all RE monsters would be destroyed in 10 minutes - Magnolia

10 Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield Team Up

It'll be the best to have girl power because chicks can pick up a good fight!

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11 Challenges

maybe survival mode where you're all alone and zombies wont stop coming until you're dead - mgsfan

12 More Breakable Objects
13 The Survivors On the USS Delta Team On Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

If four eyes bertha vctor and spectre are not in resident evil 6 we will never find out what happoned to them

14 Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine Team Up
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